ME Engineer

ME Engineer

The new ME Engineer app from Mitsubishi Electric, provides unprecedented access for HVAC installers and service engineers to the most up to date and detailed information.

Initial functions include: Fault code look up and diagnostics, refrigerant charge calculations, thermistor value (whether to check a dipswitch setting or simply just to look up a ohm values) as well as direct links to support and product documentation.

ME Engineer is designed to work on iPhone, Google Play and 'at last' Windows, and is optimised to suit the screen size of your smartphone or tablet.

Finally, if you're still unable to resolve your service query directly using tools and information within ME Engineer, then there are links and information to enable you to easily contact Mitsubishi's Technical Helpdesk direct.

Although initially designed for the UK, the app can be downloaded in other countries, as some of the tools included are generic.

iPhone screenshots