RCS launches Oracle system management platform

RCS launches Oracle system management platform

RCS Energy Management has launched Oracle, an innovative new technology platform for refrigeration and building systems management.

Built around the latest ARM processor and designed to operate through a full range of online and onboard interfaces, the Oracle range offers a scaleable, versatile, affordable and highly-configurable system management solution.

Oracle is an open system, capable of supporting communication with countless third party systems and controllers. As well as sitting at the heart of a fully-networked refrigeration or building management system, it can also operate as a completely standalone control solution within non-networked environments.

Oracle provides a data gateway to all 3rd party monitoring bureau systems such as XML, SNMP, web browser and Java interfaces. Analogue inputs and configurable digital I/O allow Oracle to receive signals from a wide range of plant faults, intruder alerts, leak or alarm systems and BMS functions – with each Oracle unit capable of interfacing with as many as 160 devices.

There are two initial units in the Oracle range, the SM2000 and the SM3000.

The SM2000 Web Manager is a browser-enabled system supervisor solution which allows the user to access the full power of the Oracle system through a desktop browser, tablet or smartphone.

The SM3000 offers all the features of the SM2000, including full browser management, but with the addition of an optional 10.1 colour touchscreen user interface.

Both offer a comprehensive feature-set including: scheduler functions for lighting, heating, night setback, load shedding, dual temperature setpoints and sleep modes; automatic management of device parameters; security for system critical parameters; solid-state storage; 20 point monitoring per networked device; configurable alarm strategies; and configurable resolution for data logging.

RCS Commercial Manager Simon Grater said: “The Oracle technology platform has been designed with the aim of achieving advanced monitoring, energy management and data logging functionality within a significantly reduced form factor and at significantly reduced price points.

“As a result we are confident that Oracle sets new standards for the management of refrigeration and building management systems, combining attractive design and ease of use with a powerful feature set.

“Crucially in the current market place, Oracle also forms part of the most effective environmental management solution on the market.

“Features such as ‘pick and mix’ drop-in algorithms deliver effective store-wide energy reduction, while simple integration with the RCS system enables class-leading  refrigerant gas leak detection  and elimination.”


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