30 Essential Guides to the New F-Gas Regulation

30 Essential Guides to the New F-Gas Regulation

UK:  Prepared on behalf of Defra (the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Gluckman Consulting and Jacobs have published a series of comprehensive guides to the new European F-Gas regulation (517/2014).

The new guides provide in-depth information on the new regulations and the responsibilities of end users, operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers, refrigerant producers and wholesalers. They include detail of the new reporting and record requirements, customer screening, training and certification and detailed explanation of CO2 thresholds, the phase down process for HFCs, equipment bans, a guide to low GWP alternative refrigerants and the issue of flammability.

Fridgehub has optimised the information sheets to enable easy on-the-go access for smartphone and tablet users, and links to related information sheets.

For a glossary of terms and references - see Information Sheet 30

Information for End User Sectors

Refrigeration, air Conditioning and heat pumps

IS 1    Domestic Refrigeration
IS 2    Commercial Refrigeration
IS 3    Industrial Refrigeration
IS 4    Transport Refrigeration
IS 5    Stationary Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumps
IS 6    Mobile Air-Conditioning

Other End User Sectors

IS 7    Insulating Foam
IS 8    Aerosols
IS 9    Solvents
IS 10  Fire Protection Systems
IS 11  High Voltage Switchgear
IS 12  Magnesium
IS 13  Semiconductors

Information for contractors, manufacturers and importers

IS 14   Refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump Contractors
IS 15   Fire protection system Contractors
IS 16   Refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump Manufacturers
IS 17   Producers, importers and exporters
IS 18   F-Gas Wholesalers
IS 19   Customer Screening
IS 20   Annual Reporting

Information on Training and Certification

IS 21   Stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps; refrigerated transport
IS 22   Mobile air-conditioning
IS 23   Fire protection systems
IS 24   High Voltage Switchgear

Other Important Information

IS 25   Understanding CO2 thresholds
IS 26   Summary of bans related to new equipment and products
IS 27   Flammability issues
IS 28   The HFC Phase Down Process
IS 29   Low GWP Alternatives
IS 30   Index and Glossary

The information sheets contain the best information available to date and will be updated as more or different information is made available. It does not seek to provide a definitive view on the legal requirements; only the courts can provide such a view. If there are uncertainties you should always refer to the text of the Regulation and seek qualified legal advice.


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