Invest in your Business with Danfoss Learning

Invest in your Business with Danfoss Learning

Danfoss Learning is a unique online education and training portal which provides access to extensive online training courses and a quick & easy way for confirmation and enrolment onto both face-to-face and virtual trainings courses. In this way it provides an effective and efficient way of participating in global and local Danfoss education and training activities online as well as on-site. The main objective is to create a single user-friendly, professional and flexible learning portal with a complete overview of all kinds of Danfoss Learning material available and accessible at all times.

Danfoss offers courses in different subject areas related to its products and applications. Courses cover Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Controls, Commercial Compressors, Industrial Automation and much more such as the latest module on low GWP-refrigerants.

Some of the features and benefits associated with Danfoss Learning are:

  • The trainings are developed by industry’s experts in order to provide you in–depth knowledge on the subject you are interested in.
  • One learning portal with access to an extensive range of training courses and learning materials.
  • Quick and easy way to enrol onto face-to-face, virtual training courses or self-study courses.
  • At your convenience with flexible self-study courses that can be taken any time, available 24/7 and 365 days a year. You can start your studying process immediately after registration to Danfoss Learning. There are no restrictions on time, place, and number of learners or attempts.
  • Each course has been designed to build, update and upgrade technical competency skills and therefore helps maximizing performance.
  • Personalized learning experience through your own personal Learning Dashboard to keep track of your registration, learning activities in progress and completed courses.
  • You will be recognised and awarded with a certificate after the completion of a course program.

Invest in your Business by Learning!

Who is it for?

Danfoss Learning is the online platform to suit your professional training requirements. It is designed for a wide range of professionals including: HVAC-R professionals, installers, contractors, students, teachers and wholesalers.

How much does it cost?

Registration to the platform as well as the usage of the courses is entirely FREE OF CHARGE!

When and where can I start?

Anytime from anywhere – you just need an internet connection.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll keep yourself updated with the latest developments. The platform offers not only product specific trainings but also generic courses such as refrigeration fundamentals, or our latest free program on natural refrigerants, which  consists of a series of e-Lessons giving you an understanding of CO2, hydrocarbons and Ammonia – advantages of using natural refrigerants, legislation overview, safety aspects and much more.  Please go to and select “Danfoss Learning” to start with the natural refrigerants program.

More info?

For more information and registration please visit

Enjoy the learning!


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