Air conditioner explodes killing two repairmen

Air conditioner explodes killing two repairmen

CAMBODIA:  Two repairmen were killed on Saturday after an air conditioner they were fixing exploded at a Thai-owned casino in Pailin province.

The two men who worked for the CTS air conditioner repair company in Phnom Penh, had been called to the Pailin Flamingo Casino Hotel to fix a number of floor-standing air conditioners that had broken down when the explosion occurred.

Both men suffered severe burns, resulting in one man dying at the scene and the other whilst on the way to a hospital in Thailand about an hour later.

Commune police chief Chum Voeun said, “We are not sure of the specific reason for the accident yet, but we have concluded that the explosion was caused by the gas inside the air conditioner.”

Deputy provincial police chief Iev Kimsien, who reportedly blamed the technicians for the accident said, “It was a very strong explosion, like a grenade. All the windows nearby were shattered,” adding “The accident was caused by the carelessness of the workers.”

It was reported that the Pailin Flamingo had however agreed to compensate the victim’s families, who recovered the bodies at the casino on Saturday afternoon.


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  • Greg: A national firm local to me had a similar experience when they were useing that stuff for flushing pipes. The engineer apparently used O2 to clear it out and some how caused ignition. The firm initially blamed the flushing agent, then the supplier for incorrectly filling the bottles. The truth came out in the end. To be fair to the firm I understand they kept the engineer on full wage during his recovery and he returned to them some time later.
    Facebook Comment 06/05/2015

  • Richard: Different one Steven, that incident was due to the fact that a gas supplier had a very simiar design for their oxygen cylinders that BOC use for Nitrogen. as you are aware a Nitrogen regulator WILL fit an oxygen bottle. the engineer carried out a pressure test, let out the 'oxygen' and lit a naked flame to repair the leak. due to the high PPM of O2 in the air it caused a massive explosion blowing out the windows of the restaurant and endangering the life of the Engineer. the subsequent enquiry laid the blame pretty much on everybody involved, the company, the engineer, the gas supplier and also highlighted the fact the cylinders share the same thread
    Facebook Comment 06/05/2015

  • Steven: Hi Richard. Was that a CapitalCooling engineer? What were the injurys?
    Facebook Comment 06/05/2015

  • James: With a firm I used to work for on my very first day I turned up to a bloke doing a pressure test with oxygen cause he ran out of nitrogen!!!!
    Facebook Comment 06/05/2015

  • Justin: I have heard a similiar story but they used Oxygen to pressure test
    Facebook Comment 05/05/2015

  • Richard: I read an accident report on something very similar from a few years ago, the engineers didn't have nitrogen to pressure test the system but had access to compressed air. For one reason or another the system was turned and and effectively turned the system into a Diesel engine. The oil ignited and the compressor exploded.
    Facebook Comment 05/05/2015