Ammonia Leak from Refrigeration Plant Kills Engineer

Ammonia Leak from Refrigeration Plant Kills Engineer

CANADA:  One person died and two others were sent to hospital following an ammonia leak at Rich Products plant in Fort Erie, Ontario yesterday.

Medical crews, fire response, Haz-Mat and other emergency services responded to the leak that occurred around midday after some people reported feeling the affects of the spill. The response prompted an evacuation of both the facility and surrounding homes.

Following a sweep of the plant by the emergency services, they reported that two people had been injured and tragically one person had died as a result of the spill.

The person, who died, was a contractor who was working near the refrigeration plants pressurized ammonia tank at the time when it ruptured and having been overcome by the fumes died at the scene.

“We’ve suffered a terrible tragedy here today,” said Dwight Gram, Rich’s vice president of corporate communications. “Worker safety is our No. 1 priority, and we’re heartbroken that this tragedy occurred.”

Rich Products Corporation is an international company headquartered in Buffalo that produces frozen food products.

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