Bitzer Introduces its CRII Capacity Control System

Bitzer Introduces its CRII Capacity Control System

UK:  BITZER has optimised its proven CR capacity control system by adding blocked suction and with the new CRII system, BITZER offers a whole new level of flexibility with the option to adjust the operation of ECOLINE compressors in line with operating conditions. 

Depending on these conditions and refrigerant, a special control algorithm allows compressors to be infinitely adjusted.  With the CRII, BITZER has achieved an exceptionally wide range of control between 10 and 100% for four and six-cylinder compressors.  The increased switching frequency ensures smaller fluctuations in controlled value, temperature and pressure. In combination with the expanded range of control, this optimises system efficiency.

Compressors are available with the CRII cylinder heads pre-installed.  The CRII system is also backwards compatible and available for retrofitting to the ECOLINE four to eight cylinders models including 4FES-3(Y) to 6FE-50(Y) as well as the two external cylinder banks in the 8GE-50(Y) to 8FE-70(Y) compressors.

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