Dearman call on UK Gov to lead way in Clean Technology

Dearman call on UK Gov to lead way in Clean Technology

UK:  Following yesterday's General Election result Dearman, the clean cold technology company, is calling on the UK Government to support the future development and manufacture of clean technologies.

The call follows last months Supreme Court ruling, which ordered the government to make clear it's plans for tackling the UK’s air pollution problem, after the UK was found to be in breach of the EU air quality directive, which came into effect in 2010.

Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director, Dearman commented, “The urgent issues of air quality and energy security must be addressed at policy level. There is an opportunity for the new Government to support the development and manufacture of clean technologies that will have significant, quick, positive environmental and economic impacts. In doing so, the UK could make a name for itself in the cleantech industry, bringing clean cold technologies to the global marketplace. With continued investment in industry-led research, such as the Energy Systems Catapult and the proposed Energy Research Accelerator, we could see this new industry flourish, creating thousands of jobs in the process."

Dearman’s zero-emission technology is an alternative to diesel-fuelled transport refrigeration, which is disproportionately polluting and contributes to poor air quality. Replacing 13,000 trailers' diesel refrigeration units with zero-emission systems would prevent 1,800 tonnes of nitrogen oxides from being emitted – equivalent to taking 1.2 million modern diesel cars off the road.

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