Heat Pumps account for 49% of RHI Accreditations

Heat Pumps account for 49% of RHI Accreditations

The Energy & Environment Expo took place this week and Fridgehub took a trip down to see what it was all about and get the latest scoop on the RHI.

DECC had been running Q&A sessions over the course of the expo to answer any questions about the RHI as well as taking visitors through the application process. But for those of you that weren't able to make it, here are some of the latest developments:

£2.6m has already been issued to households for the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in the first week and 1,736 applications were made for the fund, which offers households in England and Wales up to £7600 cash back for making energy efficient home improvements.

Under the new incentive scheme domestic energy customers can get:

·       Up to £1000 for installing two approved Green Deal energy-saving technologies; and/or

·       Up to £6000 for installing solid wall insulation; and

·       Up to £100 refund for your Green Deal Assessment

The scheme also entitles those who have purchased a property in the 12 months, prior to application, to qualify for (up to) an additional £500 if they carry out energy efficiency improvements.

So far the biggest uptake has been Air Source Heat Pumps accounting for 39% of the RHI accreditations, whilst Ground Source Heat Pumps account for 10%.

However with GSHP consistently out-performing air source models, this figure looks set to increase in the next few months. Ground source heat pumps offer a domestic tariff of 18.8 pence per kWh of renewable heat produced compared to air source heat pumps which offer a 7.3 pence per kWh equivalent.

Some other interesting facts:

  • DECC have helped drive down the cost of solar energy installations, now available for under £5k and with finance support available under the Green Deal
  • The £100 for the assessment is paid back after installation of approved energy efficient technology through The Green Deal
  • Today's latest Green Deal figures show the second highest number of sign-ups to the Green Deal assessments since it began.
  • Anyone using Bio-Mass should not stock pile pellets as criteria is set to change in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for the new list of approved providers.

If you’re thinking of installing a ground or air-source heat pump in your home, Click here for pointers for you to consider beforehand.

For more information about the RHI and its Tariff's Click here


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