MSC report significant uptake and quick turnarounds for Domestic RHI scheme

MSC report significant uptake and quick turnarounds for Domestic RHI scheme

UK: Since the launch of the RHI not only has there been a significant increase in applications to the MSC, independent assessors have reported having some applications processed and approved within just 2 weeks.

NAPIT Certifications managing director David Cowburn comments on the rise they have seen in MCS applications, “It’s encouraging to see more trades people moving into the renewable energy market. Our recent results suggest that installers have growing faith in the domestic RHI, we are hopeful that consumers will show similar levels of interest in this important incentive.”

However Virginia Graham, chief executive, REAL, expressed fear that the public’s level of knowledge of the technologies available was lacking, reinforcing the importance of strong accreditation and choosing the right assessor and installer. She said: “These technologies can improve people’s lives as well as the environment, but they are also complicated and unfamiliar to many. Customers must do their research into the technologies, their local installers and the domestic RHI scheme details to ensure that renewable heating is right for them. Getting quotes from at least three MCS-registered installers is essential to ensure you get the best installation for your home at the best value for your budget.”

One independent assessor TEAM has been having great success with the scheme and reported having had two recent applications approved within two weeks. This success has been attributed to the company’s sound knowledge of the RHI requirements and its ability to produce an expert IRMA (independent report on metering arrangements). The result is the submission of an application that facilitates Ofgem’s review process.

This speed for achieving approval means that customers receive payments sooner and are less likely to be affected by the quarterly review of tariffs.

Due to all the recent success of the RHI, now leading certification body NICEIC is encouraging installers to take advantage of the opportunities surrounding the scheme launch.

"The RHI represents a massive opportunity for installers," said Paul Collins, head of operations at NICEIC. ”Particularly those in the heating and plumbing community who are looking to diversify their business into green technologies and increase their potential revenue streams in the renewable market.

"We are seeing a growing number of heating and plumbing contractors join our Green Deal or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) as there has never been a better time to look into the business opportunities provided by the RHI."

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