Renewable Heating Incentive Support - Plumb Centre & Evolve to Partner

Renewable Heating Incentive Support - Plumb Centre & Evolve to Partner

UK: Installers working with the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) can make their lives a whole lot easier, thanks to Plumb Centre and its new partner Evolve Partnership.

Under the RHI, people who use a renewable heating system to heat their homes can get paid for the energy they produce as a reward, guaranteed for seven years. It’s a simple concept but there’s a fair bit of paperwork involved in the process – which is where Evolve comes in.

Evolve is a certificated Green Deal Advice Organisation with a nationwide network of Green Deal Advisors ready to produce reports, so installers don’t have to.

"To qualify for the RHI, a Green Deal Advice report must be carried out and the property must meet minimum insulation requirements before a customer can apply for the payments” explained David Brierley, Managing Director of Evolve. “Some installers will be able to guide their customers through the entire process, but others may not be Green Deal Advisors or might not want to get involved with the admin side.

“That’s where we come in. Installers can come to us and say: ‘I have a customer who wants to install an air source heat pump under the RHI’ and we’ll sort out the advice report and RHI payment application, while the installer works on fitting and maintaining the system.

“We can do as much or as little as the installer wants, but it’s all about making their lives easier.”

Plumb Centre's Renewables Director, Simon Allan said: “We’re delighted with our new partnership with Evolve, it can really benefit installers working with the RHI, taking the paperwork out of the equation means installers are free to concentrate on what they’re best at, fitting the heating system. "

"The RHI is providing exciting opportunities for installers and we want to give them all the support they need – great products, training and certification, and now help with making the job as simple as possible.”

For more information about Evolve’s services please email: or phone 0131 563 5139

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About Plumb Centre: Plumb Center are part of Wolseley UK Ltd the UK operating subsidiary of Wolseley PLC, one of the largest distributors of building products in the world. 

With over 490 branches nationwide, Plumb Centre is one of the UK's leading suppliers of plumbing and heating products including central heating systems, bathrooms, showers, drainage and renewable technologies.

To learn more about the Renewable Heat Incentive click here


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