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UK:  The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced details of a series of free one-day training courses, designed to help potential heat pump customers – such as businesses, developers and housing providers - understand how heat pumps can deliver lower energy costs, greater comfort and better buildings.

The courses are NOT designed for installers or consultants, but to give potential heat pump customers in both the domestic and non-domestic sectors the chance to learn more about why heat pumps make sense, build their technical knowledge and understand the financing of heat pumps including unlocking the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The roadshows will be held on:

  • Tuesday 16 June – London (non-domestic sector)
  • Thursday 18 June – London (domestic sector)
  • Tuesday 23 June – Glasgow (both)
  • Wednesday 24 June – Newcastle (both)
  • Wednesday 1 July – Exeter (both)
  • Thursday 2 July – Cardiff (both)
  • Tuesday 7 July – Manchester (both)
  • Wednesday 8 July – Birmingham (both)

Places can be booked online at or by calling 020 8469 1333.

It is understood that a further event looking specifically at opportunities for water source heat pumps will be announced shortly.


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UK:  The Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heat (SIRACH) Network is once again being allowed access to leading edge research and development facilities when leading refrigeration technology manufacturer Arctic Circle hosts a factory tour for the network on 23rd April at their site in Hereford.

Arctic Circle are well known for providing low carbon solutions for the heat transfer market, through innovation in compressor technology, refrigeration systems, heat recovery, chillers, thermal storage and heat pumps.

The event will focus on the latest developments and innovations in heat pumps and cooling technologies and look at the challenges that integration poses. Presentations will include an overview and technical presentation from Arctic Circle. Neil Hewitt of the University of Ulster will discuss High Temperature Vapour Compression Heat Pumps Utilising Alternative Working Fluids and there will be a case study into integrated refrigeration and air conditioning in supermarkets.

The day will also include a networking session and a unique tour of Arctic Circle's facilities, where you will be able to hear from experts on the design and manufacturing process.

Places are limited so booking is essential. For more information and to book a place visit

About Arctic Circle

The company was set up in 1985 has established a reputation for innovative solutions and have grown consistently to become a market leader in innovation. This has been recognised by :

  • The first ever World Bank contract for technology transfers for semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors under the Montreal protocol
  • Appointed United Nations Industrial Development Organisation consultants for refrigeration compressors
  • The first compressor manufacturer to obtain energy technology listing for the ECA scheme
  • The recipients of numerous awards covering product innovation, training and development, and corporate citizenship

For more information about Arctic Circle visit


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UK:  On the 19th February 440 people gathered to celebrate the 115th Annual Dinner of the Institute of Refrigeration at the Grange St Pauls Hotel. They came together to celebrate the Institute, the industry and the achievements of a range of outstanding individuals from everyday service engineers to world-class innovators.   

Ian Sullivan of Sullivan Air Conditioning, winner of the Service Engineers Section Lifetime Achievement Not many service engineers can boast a career of 43 years in the industry.  But Ian Sullivan of Sullivan Air Conditioning, winner of the Service Engineers Section Lifetime Achievement Award has done just that – starting with an apprenticeship with Indair in 1971. He decided he wanted to join the RACHP industry after an afternoon spent questioning a refrigeration engineer called to his father’s off licence and grocery shop. Today he runs his own business as a self-employed service engineer, sub-contracting to several different companies, and carrying out trouble shooting on air conditioning systems or water chiller be that single splits, VRF or central plant.  Ian still enjoys working on interesting pieces of equipment and the problem solving that a career in refrigeration engineering brings. He also delights in passing on his knowledge to the young engineers that work alongside him. Ian was presented with a cash prize and commemorative tankard donated by the ACR Trainee of the Year award, for outstanding service to the industry.

Angeles Rivero-Pacho, a student at the University of Warwick, winner of the Ted Perry Award for student researchThe Institute of Refrigeration is always keen to encourage young people to pursue their interests in refrigeration and contribute to the development of new technologies and approaches. It established the Ted Perry Award for student research with the Perry Family, in honour Ted Perry who was President of the Institute from 1984 to 1987, and brought many young engineers into the sector.  The winner was Angeles Rivero-Pacho, a student at the University of Warwick, whose project involved modelling, design, construction and testing of a carbon-ammonia adsorption heat pump, which has significantly improved the heat transfer rates achievable. The research was described by one of the judges as “a practical research project with a high potential for commercial exploitation.”

Angeles was presented with a cash prize by Hawco and a set of ASHRAE databooks from the Perry Family Memorial Trust.

The programme of evening papers presented at the Institute is designed to showcase new developments and case studies of innovation that will impact our industry in the future.  This year IOR members were invited to vote for their choice of the best paper in the session to be presented with the Lightfoot Medal for best paper. The winners were Tom Davies, Robin Campbell and Varun Thangamani for their presentation “A novel low energy defrost process for the frozen food chain”.  A cash prize and medal was donated by Lightfoot Defence.  You can read their paper and listen to the webinar of the talk on the IOR website.

Dr Reinhard Radermacher (centre), Director and co-founder of the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering at the University of Maryland, winner of IOR’s J&E Hall Gold MedalInternational recognition for outstanding practical contribution is made through the IOR’s J&E Hall Gold Medal. This award allows the Institute to bring world-class innovators to the UK to present on their field of work. It has been supported by J&E Hall International consistently for 37 years. This year’s winner was Dr Reinhard Radermacher, Director and co-founder of the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering at the University of Maryland. Dr Radermacher has been pushing the research frontiers by exploring new technologies and developing them for real life applications, and is a world authority on energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable thermal systems research. The simulation packages developed under his direction are used by more than 60 organisations worldwide and have helped to enable researchers, policy makers and designers to analyse life cycle estimate of natural and low GWP refrigerants.   Dr Radermacher will return to the UK in the autumn to give a talk on his work.

Nominations for next year’s awards are now open, please see our website at for more details of categories and how to enter. 


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UK:  As 2015 begins, Adande starts the year bringing their ground-breaking unique and expanding product range to the fore at The Hospitality Show 2015, taking place 19-21 January at the NEC Birmingham.

It’s well documented that Adande consistently outperforms conventional refrigeration and although the arrival of lookalike drawer clones on the market offer promise and style, they do not deliver the same performance benefits.

How so?  Opening a drawer or door cabinet compromises the contents by allowing warm air infiltration, not so with Adande’s ‘Hold the Cold’ technology (constant temperatures mean lower energy bills, cooler kitchens, longer lasting fridge motors and compressors;  less food spoilage and wastage too).  Performance testing and independent reports together with testimonials from top chefs and key foodservice brands, have culminated with a cache of awards from across the UK and internationally too. If it is not an Adande unit it will not show that performance.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say.  What we expected, and indeed what we see, is more competition in the market emulating the look, dimensions, modularity and ergonomic aspects of the Adande. The attractive proposition of benefits through the convenience of additional workspace, modular design options, and flexible temperature control is desirable for the customer - so whilst marketplace competition verifies our vision, it cannot realise the performance and payback benefits of the patented insulated drawer technology. Drawers in themselves do not give the change in performance. It is the unique insulated container that makes Adande units different. Food quality and shelf life are massively affected by temperature stability and in this respect Adande are best in class!” says Nigel Bell, Adande’s Chairman. So make sure you are buying or specifying an Adande unit.

2105 will see Adande continue to expand its modular core range and accessory options still further to suit individual operators’ unique operational footprint and complex workflow needs.

Why compromise with a ‘one size fits all’ solution when so many answers are delivered by Adande without sacrificing the benefits and payback? 

From the standalone Matchbox, Saladette and Compact units, to the launch of the NEW Shallow Drawers (which combine and maximise height options), and Locking Rollers for manoeuvrability - there are many  advantages for the designer and on-going benefits for the user, their budget and the environment.

“In 2014 we introduced the Shallow Drawer concept to the market and 2015 sees these products now fully available, adding more options for kitchen design and priced lower than the Standard unit to reflect the smaller capacity.  ” continues Nigel Bell.

“Refrigeration is a very important part of the kitchen, and even if your purchasing decision is almost made, it’s certainly worth running it past us, as often our expertise can help maximise and understand the operation to negate costly mistakes in the long term. It’s something that purchasers and designers are doing ever more, and we are more than happy to advise or organise a visit to help.” Says Karl Hodgson, the UK Sales Director, whose Sales Team will be on hand to advise and demonstrate.

Visitors to the Hospitality Show can find Adande at Stand 339, and find out just why Adande products are ‘Cooler by Design’.

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INDIA:  BITZER is to present its ECOLINE VARISPEED, ORBIT 6 scroll compressor technology and other highlights at this weeks India Cold Chain Show in Sindelfingen, Mumbai.

‘Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology is very important in India’, explains Rob de Bruyn, Managing Director of BITZER Refrigeration Asia. ‘In vast regions of India, which is second only to China in terms of population, the climate is sub-tropical or tropical. Intact cooling chains are therefore crucial for transporting fresh food to its destination. In 2014 we will present our comprehensive range of products at the India Cold Chain Show. With the reliability and quality of BITZER, we will be able to provide a great deal of support to the people on site whilst benefiting from the opportunities for growth in India.’

Infinitely adjustable cooling capacity – the ECOLINE VARISPEED

ECOLINE VARISPEED reciprocating compressors offer high cooling capacity and reliability, as well as excellent energy efficiency. With their internal frequency inverters, the speed control can be infinitely adjusted to suit the operating conditions perfectly.  This minimises suction pressure fluctuations and cycling rates, which in turn reduces operating costs. The ECOLINE VARISPEED does not require regular maintenance or a fan as the suction-gas-cooled operating elements ensure that the temperature of the electrical components remains optimal.

Efficient: ORBIT scroll compressors

Efficient, reliable and best suited to air-conditioning systems and heat pumps – this is the series of ORBIT scroll compressors from BITZER. They offer a high isentropic efficiency and are highly energy-efficient under both full and part-load. ORBIT compressors are available in two case sizes, the ORBIT 6 and ORBIT 8. The displacement of the ORBIT scroll compressors ranges from 20 to 77 m3 per hour (50 Hertz). Other advantages of the ORBIT series are their low sound levels, wide range of applications and the innovative oil management system BAHT. The patent-pending BITZER Advanced Header Technology (BAHT) is designed for scroll compressor tandems and trios and makes it easier to combine even or uneven compressor sizes in a parallel circuit in air-conditioning and heat-pump systems. The newly developed suction gas header with integrated oil distribution plays a key role in this improvement, directing oil to one of the compressors in the tandem and trio units – and from there distributing it among the other compressors.

Compact performance – the ECOSTAR

The ECOSTAR is one of the highlights of the India Cold Chain Show. The compact, air-cooled condensing unit is distinctively energy-efficient and compatible with a wide range of applications. The cooling capacity of the BITZER ECOSTAR can be adjusted to best suit the actual requirements thanks to the speed control of the compressor and condenser fan. Precise temperature control increases the efficiency of the refrigeration system and reduces operating costs. The internal control enables quick and easy installation of the condensing unit.

Optimised for the high ambient temperatures in India – LH265

Another BITZER highlight at the India Cold Chain Show will be the air-cooled LH265 condensing units with semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for universal applications. In its factories in Schkeuditz (Germany) and Jakarta (Indonesia), BITZER adapts the compact screw compressor units to suit the special operating conditions in India. This way, the LH265 condensing units run reliably and safely even with outside temperatures of up to 49°C. This makes them vastly superior to similar condensing units which exceed their maximum compressor operating parameters at just 43°C. LH265 condensing units are easy to install and quick to commission.

Green Point

The name BITZER stands for high standards; worldwide and for 80 years. To ensure that these quality standards are met, the refrigeration compressor specialist has been expanding its Green Point network in India since 2011. The project offers comprehensive maintenance and other services for compressors. The first Green Point in India opened in Delhi in March 2011, followed by others in Mumbai in November 2011, Bangalore in July 2013 and Kolkata in May 2014. ‘We have carefully selected the geographical locations of our Green Points’, explains Harvinder Bathia, Country Manager of BITZER India. ‘With branches in the north, west, south and east of India, we can be as close to our customers as possible. This shortens replacement times if a compressor should have to be repaired. As of October 2014 we have repaired around 1,800 compressors in our Green Points – quickly and reliably.’

The BITZER Group is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with sales companies and production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels all over the globe. In 2013, 3,200 employees generated sales of €621 million.


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UK:  Toshiba Air Conditioning has been shortlisted for three major awards in the National ACR Awards 2015.

The company is a finalist in the Training Provider of the Year category for the creation of a nationwide network of air conditioning training centres, while the latest advance in Toshiba’s Total Refrigerant Leak Protection and Management System is shortlisted in the prestigious Air Conditioning Product of the Year category.

The company has also been shortlisted for the Best Marketing Campaign for its powerful promotional initiatives over the past two years that have gained high profile coverage across the industry.

This latest recognition follows Toshiba’s recent success in being announced as a finalist in CIBSE’s Building Performance Awards 2015, in the ‘Training Initiative of the Year’ category.

David Dunn, Toshiba Air ConditioningDavid Dunn, Toshiba general manager, said: “It is obviously very pleasing to be recognised by our industry peers in this way. Particularly as it is for our initiatives in the vitally important areas of training and environmental protection.”

“As a major supplier, we see it as our responsibility to take the lead in best industry practice. In little over a year we have accelerated our training initiative and established a UK-wide network of training centres, and become one of the most important providers of air conditioning training in the country.

“That is a considerable achievement, and reflects a huge amount of work and energy by everyone involved, both at Toshiba and our distributors.

“On the refrigerant front, our refrigerant leak protection system is unique in the market and gives end users and building occupants total assurance. It is winning converts among some of biggest air conditioning ends users in the market.”

The winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner, being held at Birmingham Town Hall on 29 January 2015.


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UK:  Frigesco’s pioneering flash defrost for refrigeration systems has been shortlisted in two categories of the forthcoming National ACR Awards 2015.

The technology, which can reduce supermarket cooling energy costs by up to 20 per cent, has been shortlisted for Refrigeration Product of the Year, and Environmental Champion.

It follows success for Frigesco in the recent Cooling Industry Awards, where its flash defrost system took the top award for Refrigeration Innovation of the Year (Component or Process).

David Walter, managing director of Frigesco, said: “It is obviously very pleasing to receive this high profile recognition for flash defrost, doubly so as it comes from the industry itself. People have been quick to see the potential of flash defrost to cut energy use, and transform end users’ refrigeration running costs.”

The patented technology uses a phase-change material to capture waste heat produced by a refrigeration system and use it to defrost evaporators, in the process boosting efficiency, extending plant life, safeguarding food hygiene, and improving safety for store staff.

The innovation, developed by a team headed by Professor Tom Davies, is currently being trialled in working stores by leading UK supermarkets. Once proven in cold rooms, the next stage will be to apply the system to refrigerated display cases.

Conventional methods of defrosting require electric heaters, or “hot gas” from the system, which makes the refrigeration plant less efficient. These additional energy inputs cost stores thousands of pounds a year.

Frigesco’s system absorbs and removes waste heat from the refrigeration system in the normal course of operation, increasing its efficiency in the process by adding a sub-cooling effect, and then using this “free” energy to carry out highly efficient defrosts.

Although the main benefit is a reduction in energy use and lower plant running costs, the system delivers other attractive benefits for retailers, including:

  • Improved food hygiene and safety due to more effective defrosts, and more stable temperatures in the refrigerated space;
  • Increased working life and fewer breakdowns for refrigeration plant, due to more complete defrosts and improved equipment operation;
  • Potential reductions in equipment capital costs due to design optimisation possible with the use of flash defrost;
  • Reduction in a retail store’s overall maximum electrical draw, giving “head room” in locations where power supplies are near the limit, which may be vital in extreme weather conditions, as experienced in hot summer months;
  • The more efficient defrost process stops the build-up of frost on floors and walls in the immediate environment of refrigeration plant, eliminating slip hazards for store staff.

The winners of the National ACR Awards 2015 will be announced at a gala awards dinner, being held at Birmingham Town Hall on 29 January.

For more information: call David Walter on +44 (0)1392 247 943 or +44(0)7889 368 629; Email:;  Web:

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INTERNATIONAL:  The Institute of Refrigeration is proud to announce that it will be hosting the International Institute of Refrigeration’s 12th Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Fluid Conference.

Since this conference’s inception in 1984 many of the questions raised by Gustav Lorentzen about the future of natural working fluids in refrigeration have been answered. However, new developments, environmental issues and legislation have raised new and different types of questions. 

The 12th Gustav Lorentzen conference will address fundamental issues about what is the vision for the future of natural working fluids for 2016 and beyond, along with showcasing the latest developments in the application of natural working fluids. The programme will encourage delegates to think about how natural refrigerants are used and remind the industry that it needs to consider:

  • total cost of ownership of systems
  • the impact of indirect emissions
  • comparing the most efficient solutions
  • ensuring safe and reliable operation
  • component development and availability
  • how we use refrigeration systems
  • extending the geographic range of natural working fluid suitability.

Gustav Lorentzen Conference

The programme design will provide opportunities to discuss the latest developments in the application of research into natural working fluid use and the technical tours will be a strong feature of the event with certain papers presented at the tour sites to explore underlying technical issues.

The conference will explore in depth how we can ensure a sustainable future for natural working fluids in the face of the increasingly challenging global, political, legislative and economic environment.

The conference will take place from the 21st-24th August in Edinburgh, one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. During August the city also hosts the Edinburgh International Festival which is is one of the most exciting arts festivals in the world. The city turns into a stage where plays, comedy and art can be viewed not only in the galleries, theatres and bars but also on the streets. There is no  better time to visit Scotland’s capital city.

Details about the event and the call for abstracts will be announced at the conference website


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EUROPE:  Chillventa continues to set records and has improved all its exhibition parameters. “For the first time Chillventa has topped 30,000 trade visitors, an increase of 7 % compared with the exhibition in 2012, and attracted 984 exhibitors – 70 more than two years ago. These figures show the great commitment and confidence of Chillventa’s visitors and exhibitors. It is the key gathering of the national and international market players in the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump segments,” says Richard Krowoza, Member of the Management Board at NürnbergMesse.

The large international involvement at Chillventa was again particularly impressive. 56 % of the visitors and 67 % of the exhibitors come from abroad. More than 30,000 visitors represent over 110 countries throughout the world.

“Chillventa achieved these records despite the rail strike by the Gewerkschaft der Lokführer (GDL – Locomotive Drivers Trade Union) on the second day and the attendance from Germany also grew appreciably. However, just as important as the quantitative data is the quality of the visiting professionals. The exhibiting companies expressed their appreciation of the professional concentration and the high degree of decision-making authority,” says Alexander Stein, Director Exhibitions Chillventa at NürnbergMesse.

Chillventa’s basic theme of “Chillventa Connecting Experts” is not only actively presented at the exhibition, but also in the supporting programme. The successful Chillventa Congressing took place the day before the exhibition under the direction of the expert, Dr. Rainer Jakobs. The 250 international participants were offered a top-class programme.

Guided tours for specific target groups, tours and several special presentations provided comprehensive and targeted information for many visitors.

A special highlight on the last day of the exhibition was the visit by Konny Reimann, TV emigrant and refrigeration and air conditioning fitter. Visitors and companies could get to know the pleasant new Texan and test his specialist knowledge at a talk show and autograph session.

The next Chillventa takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 11–13 October 2016.

„Photo: NürnbergMesse“.


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UK:  Resource Data Management, a world leader in controls and remote monitoring, has launched a raft of cutting edge new products at this year’s Chillventa, and introduced a number of important developments to existing products.  

The company, which recently revealed ambitious plans to accelerate its global growth, has unveiled no fewer than 20 new products, including an industry first with on-board fibre-optic connectivity, to deliver unmatched speed and power.

Andrew Chandler, RDM founder and managing director, said: “This year marks a step change in both our global strategy and product R&D programme. We have been gearing up to accelerate the roll-out of innovations as well as the depth and reach of our management team.

“With the important launches at Chillventa, we now have an unbeatable line-up of products that dramatically extend the capabilities and flexibility of RDM’s platform. It gives users an unbeatable combination of power, ease-of-use and affordability. Together with our new group structure and sales and leadership team, we now have the people and products in place to deliver on our ambitious global growth strategy.”

Among RDM’s star products revealed at Chillventa are:

Touch XL

The newest member of RDM’s pioneering Touch screen family, the slimline Touch XL incorporates a large HD 10in touch-screen interface, audio sounder and USB port, CAN Bus, POE Ethernet and fibre with flexible installation options for wall- or panel-mounting.

The multi-function device can act as a remote display, orbit Data Manager repeater console or stand-alone controller, and has a customisable graphic display for easy access to data and settings from an RDM Intuitive controller.

As an orbit console connected to a dmTouch LAN, it can act as an additional user interface and alarm console, with the same menus and screens, making it easy and quick to use for operators.

Key advantages include flexible communication options, IP allowing the controller to be sited hundreds of meters from the controller and CANbus, enabling the Touch XL to act as an intelligent controller and display in one, eliminating the need for two separate products.

It can accommodate multiple power supply options, including a choice of either POE, (Power over Ethernet) or a low voltage 24v supply.

TDB Editor 2

The smart new TDB Editor 2 represents a major advance with improved design and lay-out, making it easier to access key features – reducing programming time.

Multiple TDB programs can be opened in a single TDB Editor session, streamlining program management. Users can easily copy elements of a TDB strategy from one TDB program to another, further reducing development time.

Other important developments include selectable Tool Boxes to suit the needs of the engineer, allowing users to create programs more quickly; My Tool Box, which allows programmers to produce a customisable list of blocks; and Top Tool Box, which automatically populates a tool box with the blocks used most by the programmer. Built-in user documentation is now available via the Help menu.

Fibre-optic communications

In an industry first, RDM’s Data Manager will be equipped with fibre-optic communications, enabling a connection from either a Mercury Switch or the new touchXL. This will allow data to be transmitted over extended distances of up to 2km. This represents a huge leap forward when compared with CAT5 IP networks, which transmit up to 100m before requiring a network switch or repeater to extend by a further 100m, and so on.

With its greater bandwidth, fibre can transmit much more data than CAT5 patch cable. As the amount of data used to control buildings and industrial process increases over time, the ability to move large amounts of information across distances very quickly and efficiently will become increasingly important.

Fibre communications offer much greater resilience from EMC-related interference, providing a more robust and reliable network connection. This makes installation of cabling easier, as they can run alongside power cables and in close proximity to electrically noisy equipment, which could otherwise affect conventional cabling systems.

A further advantage of fibre is that, being non-conductive, it is immune from voltage surges such as those generated during lighting strikes, providing further resilience and stability.

Kwheb energy dashboard

RDM’s new Kwheb energy dashboard gives end users unprecedented information on, and control over energy usage at individual store, national estate or global level.

The internet-based system draws together data from all energy-using equipment on a network, and presents it in clear graphical form, enabling users to get an immediate at-a-glance view of current energy usage as well as historical trends.

Kwheb harnesses the ability of RDM products to configure and control energy-using plant, while reading a wide range of smart power meters and pulse counters. This gives users the ability progressively to optimise equipment, while seeing the resultant changes in energy burn in real time.

It can focus on any scale of resolution, from a single item of plant, a store, building or factory, up to a national or global estate made up of many thousands of locations.

Once base energy costs have been set, it displays the cost of energy used in a range of currencies, and enables historical comparisons to be made between energy consumption for the current period against the same period last year, last month or last week.

Other products launched to name but a few, include:

  • The Data Manager Dynamic, delivering new dynamic real time graphing
  • A New Range of Smart controllers competitively priced and aimed at applications such as convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.
  • A New Generation of Mercury controllers, offering extended capabilities, power and ease of use. 
  • Intuitive Mercury Wi-Fi Interface overcoming the need for a full site wired infrastructure, saving time and cost during installation 
  • Intuitive Wi-Fi Interface (PR0650 Platform) allowing the Intuitive to interact with a standard Wi-Fi network.
  • 230v Intuitive Mercury Stepper Package - RDM has partnered with Sporlan to offer a turnkey solution incorporating a stepper valve

For more information, call 0141 810 2828 or Email: or visit

About Resorce Data Management (RDM)

RDM are fast becoming one of the world’s leading control and remote monitoring specialist, with a worldwide distribution and support network. With offices in the UK, US and a manufacturing plant in Taiwan, RDM specialize in two key areas:

Control Solutions

RDM designs and manufactures a wide range of control equipment for applications such as Refrigeration, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) and Building Control (BMS). Designed to provide maximum networking flexibility.

Remote Monitoring

As well as manufacture of controls, RDM provide a 24/7 remote monitoring and management call center. The call center provides access data over networks with their team constantly monitoring live data.


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