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UK:  Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new replacement grille for air conditioning units, which automatically lowers the grille on any ceiling mounted cassette up to 4 metres high. Meaning that filters can be cleaned by non-skilled workers to reduce maintenance costs and improves health and safety by removing the need for ladders or towers.

According to the Health & Safety Executive over half a million working days were lost in 2014 due to falls from heights so finding ways to reduce risk is important for everyone.

The PLP-6BAJ grille is easy to fit as a replacement for any of Mitsubishi Electric’s PLA, or standard size PLFY models of 4 way blow cassettes.

Watch this short video demonstrating how the system works.

The grille is available immediately and can be controlled from a PAR31 controller or the remote control that comes with the grille. It is straightforward to use and includes an automatic lowering function to simplify filter maintenance and help maintain energy efficiency.

Keeping the filters clean saves on energy use and reduces the stains and smudges on ceiling tiles caused when filters become dirty.


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UK:  Toshiba is all set to raise the bar with the launch of its new groundbreaking energy efficient SMMS-e VRF air conditioning heat pump system.

The latest generation of the company’s industry-leading VRF continues to push the boundaries, by setting a new benchmark for energy efficiency and comes fully loaded with a number of industry firsts such as continuous heating and an innovative hands-free wireless commissioning system.


Toshiba’s SMMS-e VRF air conditioning heat pump rotary compressor

At the heart of Toshiba’s new technology is a new rotary compressor, which uses a two-stage compression process for improved efficiency and performance.

Surfaces on the compression vanes are treated with a high-tech Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), giving outstanding hardness, wear resistance and reliability. This enables a significant increase in compressor rotation speed, resulting in a higher displacement volume of up to 50% greater than the previous generation of VRF systems.

As a result of the new compressors design and improved system controls, the operating temperature range has been significantly extended, and is now -5 to +46C for cooling operation and -25C to +15.5C in heating mode.

Heat Exchanger

The system’s heat exchanger has been completely redesigned, using smaller diameter tubes arranged in three rows in the coil, resulting in a 13% increase in surface area, further improving performance and efficiency.

Schematic of Refrigerant control in new Toshiba SMMS-e VRF air conditioning heat pump heat exchanger

The capacity of the new generation heat exchanger can be adjusted to match the current load and ambient conditions. The new three-way variable heat exchanger enables the VRF’s control system to automatically select the optimum setting.

Continuous Heating

The SMMS-e breaks new ground in being able to provide continuous heating, with no requirement to stop during defrosts, as with rival systems. This is made possible by the use of a new hot-gas bypass control, which simultaneously defrosts outdoor heat exchanger coils, while allowing the indoor unit to continue operating in heating mode.

Advanced intelligent control

For installers, Toshiba has developed Wave Tool Technology (WTT), a wireless commissioning and performance validation tool that enables engineers to read and write data to the condensing unit using their smart phone, enabling testing and commissioning without removing the unit covers.

Schematic of new Toshiba SMMS-e VRF air conditioning heat pump contact wireless commissioning system

This WTT allows service and commissioning engineers to instruct and obtain key system information, simply by touching their smart phone onto the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag located on the outdoor unit. 

The technology simplifies commissioning and reduces the amount of time spent on-site, giving the service engineer the ability to quickly and easily send key system data via e-mail back to the office for analysis.


Importantly, the SMMS-e is available in a wider capacity range than ever before. On the smaller end of the scale, indoor units are now available in capacities of 0.6hp, increasing the number of units that can be connected into a system, making it more flexible. Up the scale, outdoor units can offer up to 22hp on a single module platform, due to a newly developed chassis, reducing footprint, pipework and speeding up installation time.

With the new SMMS-e, it is now possible to connect up to 60hp in a single system, with up to 64 connectable indoor units, beating the previous 48hp maximum by a wide margin.


Improvements in pipe work and connectivity give significant advantages in terms of system design and application. Maximum total pipe work length for SMMS-e is 1000m (double the previous allowable length), with 235m now the maximum allowable distance between an outdoor unit and the farthest indoor unit, another industry first.

A maximum of 40m between indoor units is enough to cover an entire 11-storey building, expanding the application envelope for Toshiba VRF to larger buildings.

Industry first

Finally, in another industry first, the combined compressor, heat exchanger and advanced intelligent control technologies ensure all of the outdoor units in Toshiba’s new SMMS-e VRF range have an ESEER (European Seasonally Adjusted Energy Efficiency Rating) higher than 7, making it a cut above the rest of it’s rivals.

To find out more view or download the product brochure here


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PRODUCT UPDATE:  Following on from its success, Climalife has responded to requests by users of the F-Gas Solutions mobile app and integrated a new “Leak Detection Frequency” module.

Already over 7,000 refrigeration and air conditioning professionals have downloaded this mobile app to cope with the challenges of the new European F-Gas Regulation (517/2014) which came into effect from 1 January 2015.

The latest update includes replacement options for R-22 (now banned throughout Europe) in existing installations, the most recent refrigerants to appear on the market and a new module to find out the leak detection frequency for an installation. 

In order to use the new “Leak Detection Frequency” feature, just enter the refrigerant used in the installation and its charge and one click tells you the frequency with which leak checks MUST be carried out.

The F-Gas Solutions mobile app is an essential everyday tool for every refrigeration and air conditioning field technican, which tells you:

  • the refrigerants available on the market depending on your application (air conditioning, heat pump, commercial cooling, etc.) and the type of equipment,
  • the dates at which certain refrigerants will be banned in the various applications,
  • the value in CO2 equivalent tonnes for the refrigerants in your systems,
  • the correct GWP value for the refrigerants you use,
  • the leak detection frequency for your installations.

The F-Gas Solutions app is available in 7 languages (French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian).

Download the F-Gas Solutions mobile app for IOS and Android here

F-Gas Regulation

The new F-Gas Regulation includes a number of requirements that affect the use and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment containing HFC refrigerants. The exact rules depend on the type and size of equipment being used.

The regulations affecting existing equipment relate to (a) leak prevention, (b) record keeping, (c) the Service Ban and (d) the use of trained technicians.

To find out more about the mandatory leak checks requirements of commericlal and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and the responsibilities of operators under the European F-Gas Regulation (517/2014), read our 30 Essential Guides to the New F-Gas Regulation here.


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UK:  Fujitsu has introduced a range of factory engineered electronic expansion valves (EEVs) and a control unit as a DX kit, to enable other manufacturers’ air handling units (AHUs) and fan coil units (FCUs) to be incorporated into a Fujitsu VRF air conditioning system, or be connected to a dedicated Fujitsu VRF outdoor unit as a one to one system, to heat or cool outside air for building ventilation.

Arrangement as part of a Fujitsu air conditioning VRF system

The three EEVs in the range – UTP-VX30A, 60A and 90A – support a wide range of capacities and a variety of control options, with temperature being closely regulated by multiple sensors located in the AHU or FCU.

Connectable capacity ranges from 5kW up to 50kW, with two EEV units connected in parallel on larger 33kW, 40kW & 45kW systems.

Control of the DX kit/AHU system can be either from a Fujitsu VRF system, a central controller or an external BMS system.

To train engineers on the new units, Fujitsu has set up a working DX kit system in its training facility at Elstree, and added a DX kit course to its training programme. DX kits can also be selected via the Fujitsu Design Simulator software program which also has a dedicated training course available.

Says Fujitsu product and specification manager Colin Goode: “We believe these new kits will prove very popular with contractors and specifiers alike, as they expand the application of our VRF systems enormously and add flexibility to the system design process as a whole.”

For more information about the DX-Kit for air handling applications click here

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Fujitsu release details of free training courses

Fujitsu has released details of its latest product training courses running from this autumn through to spring 2016.

In all their are 10 courses ranging from an introduction to Fujitsu products, to hands-on training courses in the installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of VRF central controllers, splits and multi-splits, VRF and mini-VRF.


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USA:  This summer a new device called COOLNOMIX® is entering the United States as a solution to energy waste in commercial cooling systems.  With dual temperature sensors and smart software, COOLNOMIX® provides superior temperature control and reduces refrigeration and air conditioning energy consumption on average by 30 per cent.

COOLNOMIX® improves temperature accuracy while increasing efficiency and prevents evaporator coil ice build-up on refrigeration systems.  While this 3rd generation product has over ten thousand installs worldwide, it has just recently been UL certified and will be piloted at multiple military bases by the Department of Defense. 

COOLNOMIX® can be installed in under an hour in alignment with the thermostat; requiring no change to the existing infrastructure and delivers a rapid payback. 

The savings derive from smart software and dual sensors that increase temperature precision and optimize compressor operation and performance. Averaging between a 1 to 3 year payback.

Below is a graphic of the 20.5% energy reduction that COOLNOMIX® provided to CTM Telecommunication's server room following two weeks of testing.

Graphic showing 20.5% energy reduction that COOLNOMIX® provided to CTM Telecommunication's server room air conditioning following two weeks of testing

Over 25 case studies have already shown the impact that COOLNOMIX® has had for organizations around the world.

Here’s a selection of some of the savings that COOLNOMIX® has already delivered.

  • After a month of testing, a 7-Eleven location saw their air conditioning energy use drop from 20,030 kWh to 14,528 kWh, a savings of 42% with COOLNOMIX®.
  • When a McDonald's location in Australia installed COOLNOMIX®, their package air conditioning system required 47% less energy than before.
  • Outback Steakhouse in Australia installed COOLNOMIX® and saw their refrigeration energy usage drop by 63%.
  • After a week of testing, a Hilton Hotel location in the UK reduced cooling costs by 32% with COOLNOMIX® installed on their inverter air conditioning system.

COOLNOMIX® is great example of low cost, retrofit energy efficiency technology.

For sales contact CoolGreenPower LLC on 1-617-505-1004 or visit or their YouTube channel for further information.


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Continuing to show its commitment to providing its users with useful refrigeration technology tools, Testo has updated its refrigeration app for Android and Apple iOS devices to include vacuum measurement (only available with the testo 557) as well as data logging. These enhancements to the Testo Refrigeration App make the testo 550/557 digital manifolds the ultimate tool for refrigeration and air conditioning technicians.

With the updated App a user can now view vacuum measurement data right on their Smartphone or tablet from a remote location. This new data logging feature (available in both the 550 and the 557) enables the user to view the logged data, in a continuously updated table, and send this measurement data, in an Excel formatted report, via email for easy documentation. As with all new App updates, the App will alert users of the changes if they have the settings enabled for “App updates available” and “Apps were auto-updated.”

To find your nearest stockist visit

To buy online visit

To download the App with all the latest features visit

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Toshiba has introduced a new device that allows you to control your air conditioning system in a fast and intuitive way from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone or your PC via the IntesisHome website.

The new Wi-Fi-based IntesisHome network controller can be used with all Toshiba indoor models using infra-red remote controllers, and light commercial and VRF indoor models.

It enables facility managers and building occupants to change settings and operating modes for Toshiba RAV and VRF air conditioning using an office computer, personal tablet or smartphone.

The wall or desk-top mounted devices can control on-off, mode, set temperature, room temperature, fan speed and some louvre functions.

Equipped with a learning mode, they identify all Toshiba air conditioning systems within a building automatically. 

For the full list of compatible air conditioning units visit

The IntesisHome app for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackbery is now available to download from our App Store.


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Product Review:  A-Gas has launched Gas-Trak Online™ (GTO), an indispensable F-Gas reporting and cylinder-tracking tool designed to make the onerous task of reporting refrigerant usage simple.  

The amended F-Gas regulations have not only placed more demand on those working in our industry, but also added complexity to their everyday working life.  Free to download on smartphones and tablets, GTO comes complete with a number of handy features to help users comply with this complex piece of legislation.

Packed with value-added functions, GTO is a secure tool, allowing engineers to cut down on paper use by producing electronic F-Gas log books and reports at the touch of a button, saving time and money. What’s more, you don’t need an Internet connection – you can simply store the information on your device and synchronise it at your convenience.

How the A-Gas Gas Trak Online Management solution worksA-Gas Managing Director John Ormerod said: “Managing your F-Gas refrigerant use with GTO is easy. It is a fast and efficient F-Gas reporting tool which can be used on the move. Under the F-Gas Regulations there is an increased focus on engineers to understand the CO2 equivalent of refrigerants. 

“The app’s handy GWP calculator will calculate this for you. GTO will also store customer, site and asset information ready to create jobs – and provide information for leak checking.

“Whether it’s a new installation, a service call or a decommission, you can track your refrigerant usage by the cylinder, equipment and customer in GTO. The app is suitable for Apple and Android mobile devices and will help engineers meet the latest F-Gas Regulations which are changing the face of the cooling industry.”

With free access to a web portal, F-Gas reporting is made easy. GTO will keep a summary of your jobs and produce reports in line with the latest F-Gas requirements. 

For those requiring a more in-depth data analysis package, for a small subscription GTO offers the option of enhanced or customised reporting.

The FREE GTO app is available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Download from the Fridgehub App Store here

Click here for more information including video tuition.


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Product Review:  BITZER, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors has launched a new cutting-edge air-cooled condensing unit. The new energy-efficient ECOSTAR LHV7E also complies with the 2016 EU Ecodesign Directive. 

The new condensing unit offers operators unrivalled energy efficiency, which is essential in an environment of rising energy prices. The low-maintenance, easy-to-use device also boasts reliable, low noise operation and simple installation.

Modern fans and compressors

The integrated EC fan of the ECOSTAR LHV7E reduces the noise level and energy consumption significantly. The optimised control allows the user to adjust the speed of the fans and the ECOLINE VARISPEED compressor at any time for more energy-efficient operation. The optimised mini-channel condenser also improves eco-efficiency: compared to the older ECOSTAR models, the LHV7E requires a lower refrigerant charge while offering higher heat exchange.

The LHV7E is also extremely quiet: its low noise EC fans feature sound-optimised airflow and the compressor is located inside a sound-damping housing. When the cooling load is normal, the system can be operated in ECO or low-sound mode. Thanks to its energy-optimised, quiet operation, the LHV7E is the right condensing unit today for the applications and challenges of tomorrow.

Remote control and simple maintenance

The new ECOSTAR condensing unit optimised Lodam controller with newly integrated Bluetooth technology has proven to be a helpful feature, ensuring technician-friendly operation of the ECOSTAR and working seamlessly at a distance of 30 meters away.

The ECOSTAR LHV7E condensing unit can be controlled and serviced remotely via an Ethernet connection for networks or the Internet, Modbus RTU and Bluetooth access using BITZER’s BEST software. There’s also a display for operation, which comes integrated into the controller housing and offers optimised menu access. The BEST software or an optional retrofit display provides users with full access to all the menu options.

Another new feature is that up to four ECOSTAR condensing units can be linked together via the Modbus. Together the condensing units form an ECOSTAR control network and, in optimised interaction, control the temperature of a cold store without having to be connected in the refrigerant circuit.

The control electronics of the LHV7E are fully wired in the factory and come ready for operation, facilitating fast installation of the condensing unit on-site. To simplify maintenance of the device, BITZER has optimised access to the important components: each of the two casing parts can be opened with a captive screw. The terminal box, the filter drier, the sight glasses and the oil separator can easily be accessed in no time from the outside.

Suitable for lots of applications

The ECOSTAR LHV7E is available in six variants, four of which offer a capacity of up to 42 kW (0/32/20@R134a). Depending on the model, it’s compatible with the refrigerants R134a, R404A, R507A, R407A, R407C and R407F, which means BITZER enables a whole host of applications for this condensing unit. With its compact design, the condensing unit also fits into smaller engine rooms, while the robust housing also makes it suitable for outdoor use. The integrated winter start feature allows the compressor to be started even in winter when the ambient temperature falls below the saturated suction temperature.

The BITZER LHV7E condensing unit comes standard with an integrated frequency inverter and filter drier. Optional features include an oil separator with check valve, oil monitoring and an additional check valve for installation in low ambient temperatures. 


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USA:  Now we've all been there. Called out to a busy bar and restaurant, kitchen or sales floor only to discover that a plug-in (integral) fridge has broken down due to a blocked condenser coil. You advise the client that you need clean the coil and blow out the condenser with nitrogen but it's going to make a bit of a mess. Not ideal when working in a busy food preparation environment, and I'm sure that you've been told many a time to come back when we're not busy.

It's also well known that frequent maintenance of condensers on commercial plug-in (integral) fridge-freezer appliances can result in up to 50% savings in running costs, as well as prolonging the life of compressors.

Now U.S. Company COILPOD has come up with a unique, yet simple solution for engineers to carry out task of cleaning self-contained condenser coils in both a mess-free and environmentally-friendly way.

How it works

The CoilPod transparent bag, which measures 28in wide x 13in deep x 18in high, slips over the coil structure creating a dust seal. A standard wet/dry vacuum can then be used to remove debris from the coils through two ports in the bag’s surface. The bag entraps the removed debris during the cleaning operation protecting the environment outside the bag from undesired contamination.

Watch CoilPod in action

For further information on the CoilPod dust free containment bag, contact Richard Fennelly at

To order visit the CoilPod online store here


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