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UK:  Toshiba Air Conditioning has introduced its long-awaited new flagship touchscreen air conditioning control solution.

The new 7in colour touchscreen controller offers unprecedented power and ease of use, enabling engineers and end users - even those unfamiliar with air conditioning - to control systems and optimise performance and indoor comfort.

With the ability to control up to 64 indoor units via a unique capacitive touchscreen, the new Toshiba controller marks a departure from conventional air conditioning controls based on slow-response resistive touchscreen technology.

It has a brilliantly clear colour display with pin-sharp graphical interface, providing lightning response to the operator’s touch commands. Unlike controllers from some other manufacturers, Toshiba’s new controller is not based on physical buttons but an intuitive touchscreen with icons, similar to a large smart phone.

According to Fraser Hymas, Toshiba’s control system manager, who headed the development of the new controller, a key element of the design brief was to make it simple and intuitive to use, without the need to refer to a manual, while enabling users to quickly access all functions with minimum layers to navigate.

In addition to primary control, alarm and scheduling functions, and quick access to units and parameters, the controller also acts as a web server, enabling it to host web pages.

The system offers a host of powerful functions that extend its use, with future developments including:

  • Energy monitoring with historical data backup, enabling long term trends to be analysed and managed;
  • Power meter pulse inputs for four air conditioning systems;​​
  • The ability to take account of input from an outside air sensor, to provide frost protection for buildings and optimised heating start and operation;
  • The ability for alarms to be reported automatically to building supervisors and designated service providers via email;
  • Potential to display floor plans for ease of unit location and control;
  • A supervisor touch screen to link multiple controllers, to accommodate larger systems with more than 64 indoor units.

David Dunn, Toshiba’s general manager, said: “The new system is a major advance in air conditioning control technology, not just in terms of what it can do, but the way it does it – and its sheer ease of use.

“The saying that ‘power is nothing without control’ is quite literally true. The whole design philosophy is to offer the most power functions available in the industry, while making it easy and a pleasure to use. After extensive testing, among both engineers and end users, we believe the new system achieves this – and opens up a new chapter in intuitive air conditioning control.”

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UK:  Hampshire-based Advanced Engineering’s EasyFind now has a new formula making it easier for refrigeration and air conditioning engineers to detect the smallest of leaks.

The EasyFind Bubble Up Leak Detection Spray’s new and ingenious formula now makes it much simpler and faster for service engineers to pinpoint both large and small leaks when sprayed onto joints, pipes and line components offering a more pronounced and visual “bubble up effect” when it comes into contact with refrigerant leaks.

With the new F-Gas Regulation requiring regular mandatory leak checks and stronger penalties for operators who fail to comply, coupled with rising refrigerant prices of between 20-30 per cent already this year, leaks are set to have an increasing financial burden to equipment owners.

The convenient EasyFind spray can be described as ‘it does what is says on the tin,’ safe, reliable, economical and quick, requires no preparation or equipment, and is suitable for all refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

For more information contact your nearest FSW branch here.


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UK:  Leading manufacturer of HVAC and refrigeration controls specialist Resource Data Management (RDM) has launched the next generation Mercury Mk3 controller. One of the most advanced and flexible controls available on the market today, Mercury controllers build on the success of the Mercury Mk1 and Mk2. Presenting users with both internal and remote display options, an increased number of analogue inputs, two new dedicated digital inputs and a built-in IP network interface. All of which make it a compact, cost effective and easy to install option when there is a requirement to connect directly to an IP network.

The first Mercury controller, the Mk1, released in 2002 revolutionised the controls industry introducing technology years ahead of anything else available at that time. It was the first refrigeration controller offering additional IP connectivity while also being the first compact, affordable control of its type.

The RDM Mercury Controller for refrigeration display cabinets or coldroom applicationsThe Mk3 has flexible I/O - 10 inputs and 5 outputs, made up of 6 resistive temperature probe inputs, 2 dedicated digital inputs and 1 x 0-10v or 1 x 4-20ma analogue inputs, and 5 relay outputs, 6A resistive and 2A inductive. With the additional benefit of all inputs and outputs having a plug-in socket for ease of installation, and the latest microcontroller technology for greater processing power and memory capacity.

It is set to be an exciting year for RDM as their rapid global expansion continues with two new affiliate offices having opened already this year, RDM Nordic in January and RDM Australia in March. Further product launches are widely anticipated.

What applications can it be used for?

Refrigeration display cabinets or coldroom applications:

  • To control a PMV valve (LLV or EEV) based on the temperature or pressure input value.
  • The control of lights, fans, suction valve, trim heaters and defrost control.
  • Optional variable inputs allow for reading a pressure transducer, along with two additional digital inputs over and above the existing switched resistor digital inputs.
  • Energy saving features including pulsed trim heaters or case off with lights parameter

For more information visit

UK:  Reflok's Mechanical Jointing and Aluminium pipe system designed for use on air conditioning equipment as an alternative to copper brazed pipe systems, has been approved for use by Transport for London (TFL) on the London Underground system.

Hot works on the underground, or in fact on any railway or petro-chemical based projects, is always a major headache for contractors. The Reflok jointing system allows engineers to concentrate on the installation without the limitation on working hours that are normally in place. Access into the working area without the need to carry industrial gases onto site is a real drain on the working day and Reflok not only provides a solution for this, but also improves the speed of installation.

Howard Noble, Managing DIrector of Reflock revealed, "At the start of last year we made contact with a member of the approval team at TFL and, after almost a year of discussions, we can now confirm that Reflok has achieved the status of “Authorised for use”.

"With the infrastructure for the new Cross Rail link in London now in place, the next step is for contractors to start installing the services and shops etc., so the timing is perfect."

In addition the Reflok system allows engineers to work quicker without the need for nitrogen purging providing a totally clean installation.

See the Reflok tool kit and jointing system in action

Reflok's aluminium pipe is available in sizes from 1/4"-3/4" in coiled tube and 1/4" - 2-1/8" in straight lengths. The Reflok system can be installed without any 'hot works' and has approval from leading air conditioning manufacturers.

The Reflok system is available in the UK from FSW. To find your nearest FSW branch click here.

Reflok is also available from international stockists, to find a distributor near you, visit


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UK:  Foodservice refrigeration specialist, Adande, has teamed up with ice cream equipment manufacturer, Carpigiani, to offer a range of dedicated dessert workstations. Designed as complete solutions for the preparation, production, storage and plating of professional artisan gelato product, the units are suitable for restaurants, hotels, fine dining, delicatessen and ice cream parlours. With a compact footprint of just 1100 mm width by 700 mm depth, the dessert stations are ideal for kitchens with limited floor space.

The workstations are available in a variety of configurations to meet desired capacity, including a layout which has Carpigiani units mounted on an Adande two drawer refrigerator. The worktop of the Adande unit can also accommodate additional equipment, such as a whipped cream machine.

Base mix ingredients are heated in the Boil 5 before the liquid is transferred to the Labo 8 12 E, where flavouring is added and the mix is stirred and chilled to – 8oC. The artisan gelato is then transferred into pans for pull down to the suitable storage temperature in the Adande® unit. For high volume operations, a pre-prepared UHT gelato mix may be poured directly into the Labo 8 12 E.

The ability to set precise and accurate temperatures in the Adande drawers has particular advantages for holding premium gelato. The bottom drawer of the Adande unit may be set at – 18oC, which is the optimum temperature for the longer term storage of gelato, eliminating the formation of ice crystals. The upper drawer may be set at – 14oC, during service, which is the perfect temperature for soft scoop service.

Alternatively, the lower drawer may be set at – 14oC for holding gelato during service, with the upper drawer set at + 4oC for the storage of complementary ingredients, such as fruit, toppings and sauces. The top drawer, at + 4oC, may also be used for chilling dessert plates and sundae glasses.

The Adande units are castor mounted, allowing them to be moved easily for cleaning regimes. The drawers and the gelato equipment each operate on a 13 Amp power supply and with no plumbing or water supply required installation is simple.

Carpigiani has recently opened a development kitchen at which chefs and ice cream operators can gain first hand experience of the dessert workstations. Appointments for demonstrations at the Carpigiani facility are available upon request.

Scott Duncan, Sales Director, Carpigiani, stated:

“Artisan gelato is a premium product, which requires holding at optimum storage and service temperatures. The unique technology of the Adande drawers helps maintain the gelato at the correct temperature, eliminating the formation of ice crystals for perfect product quality.”

Karl Hodgson, Sales Director, Adande, added:

 “Carpigian’s position as a world market leader is helping us to introduce the Adande® brand to new market sectors in the UK and on an international level.”

Fore more information visit or email


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Air Conditioning condensate pump specialist Blue Diamond, has extended their range of products with the launch of the ArctikBlue pump for use on commercial refrigerated display cases where gravity drainage is unavailable.

The new ArctikBlue incorporates BlueDiamond’s reliable MegaBlue pump in a tough steel enclosure, with the capacity to remove up to 50 litres of water per hour at a maximum working head of 20m.

Due to the use of the MegaBlue pump, the dairy tray is able to run dry or self prime, meaning it can be sited at high level and away from hazardous areas.

The ArctikBlue comes complete with an inline thermistor sensor alleviating problems of sticking float mechanisms, and due to the slim line filter probe having no moving parts, the pump runs only when condensate is present.

To find out more about the Blue Diamond range of products visit or follow them on twitter at @BlueDiamondPump



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UK:  Toshiba Air Conditioning, has extended its high efficiency, high performance Digital Inverter 4 range with the introduction of two new outdoor units and seven new indoor models.

The units, delivering 1hp (2.5kW) and 1.5hp (3.6kW), complete Toshiba’s light commercial line-up, which now spans from 1hp through to 10hp and offers models across the spectrum in this important sector.

Boasting exceptional efficiency and fully compliant with the ErP Directive (Lot10) threshold for 2015, the new models have a sector-leading operating range, delivering cooling from -15 up to 46deg C and can provide heating in ambient conditions as low as -15deg C, eclipsing industry rivals by a significant margin.

Efficiency is assisted by the use of Toshiba’s power-save function, which enables the user to set the degree of performance covered, between 50 and 100per cent, in one per cent increments.

Toshiba air conditioning digital inverter save functionThe new models allow small capacity systems to be fully integrated with VRF systems and BMS controls via a RBC-PCNT30TLE interface (not required on wall mounted systems). The new units are compatible will the full and extensive range of light commercial and commercial control options.

Outdoor condensing units can be connected to four types of indoor unit: compact four-way cassette, slim duct unit, hi-wall, and ceiling-suspended unit. The most efficient combinations can produce a SEER figure of as high as 6.1 and are rated at A++ for energy performance.

The indoor units can also be connected to existing larger outdoor units to provide twin, triple and quad split systems ensuring a solution for all applications.

The lightweight chassis is designed to be easy to transport and install, and is ideal for mounting in areas and on structures where additional loading must be kept to a minimum, such as balconies and low mass walls.

To find out more contact your local B2B Toshiba Dealer here


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UK:  J&E Hall’s new ambient beer cooler can cut energy bills for cellar cooling by up to 40 per cent. The unit uses free cooling to allow beers to be stored at a perfect temperature during the winter months. When the outside temperature is low enough, the fan-operated cooler brings cold air into a beer cellar to reduce the temperature and will switch off the main refrigeration cellar cooler system while it draws cold air from outside – cutting energy bills and saving money.

J&E Hall Product Sales Manager Tony Twine said: “It is estimated that up to a quarter of a pub’s energy bill can be accounted for by its refrigeration requirements – so publicans and breweries are always looking for a more cost effective way to cool their beer cellars.

“The J&E Hall ambient beer cooler can save a large proportion of energy costs over a year – up to 40 per cent. The key to this is the use of free cooling, cold air from outside, a ‘greener’ way of cooling beers. The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler also contains no refrigerants. This helps reduce servicing costs and extends the life of the main cellar cooling system.

“The J&E Hall ambient beer cooler is easy to install and also fits with any make or model of main refrigerated cellar cooling system on the market.”

The ambient beer cooler operates when it’s cold outside at temperatures under 8°C. When temperatures rise above this level the ambient beer cooler will turn itself off and revert back to the main refrigerated cellar cooling system.

The J&E Hall ambient beer cooler is fitted to an internal cellar wall and connected to the outside via a rigid 150mm circular duct. It is then electrically connected to the mains supply and the refrigeration cellar cooling system.

The J&E Hall ambient beer cooler has simple keyhole fixings. It is supplied with:

  • fresh air entry duct
  • ambient air temperature sensor
  • cellar temperature sensor
  • washable air filter
  • 2m mains lead
  • instruction manual.

“The beer cooler’s green credentials speak for themselves,” added Mr Twine. “It’s a plug and play product which will make a significant impact on energy bills for pubs, clubs, restaurants and breweries.”

For more information on the J&E Hall ambient beer cooler telephone 01332 253400, email or visit

J&E Hall International has a long engineering history dating back to 1785. J&E Hall International is a progressive company with a worldwide reputation for developing innovative products for the industrial and commercial markets. Manufacturing sites in China, Malaysia, Italy and the UK provide the base for excellence in engineering. With comprehensive after-sales support, J&E Hall International offers a complete service to the customer.


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UK:  Mitsubishi Electric has launched the next generation of its award winning Ecodan air source heat pump range, with a host of new developments, one of which is the use of a plate heat exchanger in a domestic cylinder and patented Scale-Stop technology to remove the risk of limescale build-up.

The launch comes as the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) moves from its legacy stage into supporting new market growth, with the company developing the advanced range is response to the growing need for renewable heating in the UK.

Ecodan was the first inverter-driven air source heat pump in the UK to receive MCS (Micro Certification Scheme) certification and the first UK-manufactured unit to receive the prestigious Eco Label.  It is also the only air source heat pump that have received the Noise Abatement Society’s ‘Quiet Mark’ and the first to offer intelligent room sensing as standard.

Mitsubishi Electric has invested heavily in R&D facilities at its UK manufacturing plant in Livingston to focus on the experience of the homeowner, simplifying installation and maintenance, and making monitoring even easier:

Mitsubishi Electric reshapes air source heat pump market

The next generation – the FTC5 range, which is available from January 2015, includes a complete new range of cylinders which focus on improvements in heat loss performance; hot water recovery efficiency and time; and ease of installation and use.

All ten of the new cylinders dispense with the traditional internal coil method of water heating and instead use an external plate heat exchanger which increases hot water heat up efficiency by 17 per cent over previous models.

The FTC5 range offers three different options for homeowners:

  • The standard level which is pre-installed at the factory, offering remote energy monitoring using partial estimation of energy use;
  • Level Two which includes the addition of an electric meter; and
  • Level Three which adds a Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) heat meter, enabling homeowners to receive an additional RHI payment of £230 per year for seven years..

Plate heat exchangers use forced convection to heat the water cylinder, rather than the natural convection of a coil and this increases the Delta T, meaning that the water heats up more quickly and recovers temperature quicker when some hot water is used.

Other initiatives included in the launch include:

  • A patented cold inlet diffuser for all of the Pre-plumbed cylinders, which ensures reduced mixing of cold inlet water with stratified hot water.
  • A new titanium immersion heater which sets a new standard for operational life, even in the hardest or most aggressive water conditions. 

“We expect the heat pump market to continue to grow steadily through a combination of the RHI and in answer to the increasing costs of oil and LPG”, explains John Kellett, General Manager of the company’s heating systems. “We have prepared this new range to ensure that Ecodan is ready to answer that growing need”.

Founded in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric is a global, market leading, environmental technologies manufacturer, producing an advanced range of heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment. The company realises that ensuring the right solutions are selected for each individual building, requires collaboration by all involved. Mitsubishi Electric has therefore changed the way it does business to ensure engagement with all involved in delivering sustainable buildings so that together, we can make a world of difference.


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INTERNATIONAL:  Alfa Laval has introduced a new compact DM shell-and-tube heat exchanger – the first refrigeration product in this family that has been specially developed for sub-zero temperatires.

The Alfa Laval DM is more compact in size thanks to a new design based on a single-pass dry expansion evaporator instead of the previous two passes, making it more convenient to install in places where space is a constraint. The DM guarantees maximum efficiency at minimum costs, which results in a higher level of competitiveness for applications.

Alfa Laval has developed the DM shell-and-tube heat exchanger with a unique patented refrigerant distribution system in line with the latest European regulations on low GWP refrigerants, optimizing it for R407F and R134a refrigerants, yet maintaining its compatibility with R404a and R507.

The DM shell-and-tube is ideal for supermarket or industrial process cooling as these applications typically demand evaporation temperatures in the range of -10 to -20°C depending on the system efficiency and brines such as propylene and ethylene glycols.

Metal baffles with an advanced design help to improve the brine side performance in the DM shell-and-tube model. Exchange tubes with an inner groove pattern also maximize the heat transfer coefficient and limit the negative effects of pressure drop.

What’s impressive about the DM shell-and-tube heat exchanger is that despite its smaller size, it boasts a significant improvement in performance of at least 15 percent in comparison with the previous model, resulting in a more cost-efficient investment for Alfa Laval’s customers.

“All in all, it is a more compact unit with better performance that gives the customers great value for money,” says Piergiorgio Barbato, Business Manager Shell & Tube.

The first installation of the DM shell-and-tube heat exchanger in Europe is now operational. This new heat exchanger is available for order worldwide.

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

The company’s equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in optimizing the performance of their processes. The solutions help them to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol.


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