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UK:  BITZER has optimised its proven CR capacity control system by adding blocked suction and with the new CRII system, BITZER offers a whole new level of flexibility with the option to adjust the operation of ECOLINE compressors in line with operating conditions. 

Depending on these conditions and refrigerant, a special control algorithm allows compressors to be infinitely adjusted.  With the CRII, BITZER has achieved an exceptionally wide range of control between 10 and 100% for four and six-cylinder compressors.  The increased switching frequency ensures smaller fluctuations in controlled value, temperature and pressure. In combination with the expanded range of control, this optimises system efficiency.

Compressors are available with the CRII cylinder heads pre-installed.  The CRII system is also backwards compatible and available for retrofitting to the ECOLINE four to eight cylinders models including 4FES-3(Y) to 6FE-50(Y) as well as the two external cylinder banks in the 8GE-50(Y) to 8FE-70(Y) compressors.

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The software has been updated to the latest Apple system IOS 7 and for Android tablets, the programming has been optimised to achieve a better presentation and simpler handling of the functions. 

Various languages

As well as German and English, now French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Indonesian languages are also available on the app.

Unique material recommendations

After numerous tests and laboratory analyses, Güntner have published recommendations for material combinations for components depending on the planned application. This unique information overview, much sought-after for years, is now an implemented app function. It lets you check the ambient conditions for a suitable unit design at any time.

Refrigerant slide

The app function "Slide" displays the pressure-temperature correlation for more than a dozen of the most commonly used refrigerants. These include refrigerants that are relevant today such as 245fa. Users enter a specific temperature as required and the refrigerant slide shows the corresponding gauge pressure in bar.

The refrigerant-specific ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) values are also shown.

"Converter" for easy conversion

A total of 18 refrigerating variables such as pressure, temperature, volume and mass flow density, can be converted into every unit globally used and then displayed. As a result, users will always find a common basis for measurements – regardless of where in the world a construction site happens to be.

"Service Documents" – a complete collection of documents

The "Service Documents" function provides you with documents for all the Güntner lines of business and units. Documents are first sorted regionally. This is done automatically depending on the basic mobile phone or location settings. Users can then select the required documents according to the sorted languages and units. From info brochures to operating instructions, information is just a click away. This is particularly useful for service technicians and others who might want to take a glance at the unit’s operating instructions on site.

Contact information immediately available

The "Contacts" function offers an overview of all the Güntner field representatives. All stated contact data are active, meaning users can plan their route from their current location on the basis of the address, they can call/e-mail a contact directly, share information with others or add the details to their own list of contacts.

The contact information also includes details for the Service and Spare Parts departments. As a result, you will always reach the right contact person.

Communication in both directions

A feedback function allows you to directly contact the app contact person at Güntner in case you have questions or suggestions in terms of other or improved functions.

You can download the Gunter App for your device here. 

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Fridgehub is a major new industry resource, information and directory service for consumers of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump equipment, products and services.

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UK:  With such a large focus on high GWP refrigerants the big brand Air Conditioning manufacturers have all moved forward with the use of HFC-32, a viable lower GWP refrigerant replacement for R410A.

The technology has been available for just over 2 years now and companies such as Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu General, Hitachi and Toshiba are all now using HFC-32.

With more manufacturers releasing R32 systems and the inevitability of larger R32 systems hitting the market in the future, it is imperative that technicians are fully trained on the new tools and equipment needed to service this market as well as understanding the safety of what is still considered a flammable refrigerant.

Many service technicians may not be aware that specialist tools are needed to service R32 systems. R32 is mildly flammable and has higher operating pressures and not using R32 compliant equipment can compromise safety which could result in injury. 

While some technicians may not have yet started working on R32 air conditioning systems, it is highly likely they will in the future, so when buying new equipment, they should make sure it is R32 compliant as this will ensure safe work practice and save equipment upgrade costs in the future.

View or download our R32 Fact Sheet here


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UK:  The number of smaller leisure boats being fitted with Air Conditioning is significantly growing paving the way for companies like Espar to bring new portable air conditioning units to the market.

With normal air conditioing systems being an expensive option Espar has developed a stand alone portable cube for use on small leisure boats.

Available in 12 and 24V, the Cube is a portable unit and with no installation needed, can easily be moved or taken on and off vessels as required.

Warm exhaust air can be vented through an open window and the fan is also powerful enough to keep air circulating inside a cabin.

The cube not only keeps the boat cool it also contributes towards dehumidifying the interior in cooler conditions.

“Portable air conditioning works very well in many applications,” said Espar’s Tim Fleckney. “It’s very suitable for use in vessels which may have for example a glass wheelhouse and no proper provision for keeping the area cool.

“It can be easily put in a convenient space and connected to the boat’s power supply.”

About Espar: Espar is part of the Eberspächer Group. Espar Heater Systems has the most comprehensive range of independent and compact fuel operated air and coolant heater products available in today's marketplace. Offering close attention to detail and technical design, Espar leads the industry in Excellence in Supporting Product Applications and Reliability. Espar supplies these auxiliary gas/diesel-fired heaters to the truck, bus, marine, automotive/pick-ups, off-highway, cargo and military markets.


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USA:  Danfoss has added higher maximum opening pressure differential (MOPD), UL approved BJ and BX coils to its existing product line. These higher MOPD coils are ideal for use with Danfoss AKVH electronic expansion valves to meet the rigorous demands of high pressure CO2 systems.

As part of a continuous effort to improve the North American CO2 product portfolio, Danfoss introduces six higher MOPD, UL approved BJ and BX coils. These new coils have larger pulling force which enables larger AKVH valves to operate in CO2 systems. Similar to the current BJ and BX coils on the market, these higher MOPD BJ and BX coils feature a redesigned frame and robust encapsulation, for extended lifetime and durability, as well as a clip-on fastening system with an audible latch click to minimize installation time and ensure proper installation of the coil.

The following specifications are based on the requirements of North American food retail systems.

Basic specifications:

  • Design in accordance with UL 429
  • Tested in harsh operating conditions from -40 – 122 °F
  • O-ring between coil and valve removed, for easy installation
  • Clip on function for secure connection
  • Redesigned frame, robust encapsulation
  • Covering standard voltage and frequency; two electrical connection versions

Advantages include:

  • Faster installation, without the use of tools, with clip-on function
  • More accurate installation with audible latch click
  • More reliable operation with durable frame and robust encapsulation
  • Widely available making logistics easier for the customer
  • Complete product portfolio of valve and coil combinations for a range of standard and alternative refrigerant needs

To View the Danfoss features video, Click here. 

About Danfoss: The Danfoss Group operates globally as one of the leaders in the manufacturing of components for the HVAC &R industry, power electronics, and mobile hydraulics. Their key competencies are cooling of food, air conditioning, control of electrical motors and heating in buildings – as well as solutions for renewable energy such as solar power. Danfoss employs 23,500 employees globally and has 110 sales companies around the world.

About Fridgehub:

Fridgehub is a major new industry resource and directory service for consumers of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump equipment, products and services.

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Honeywell Evohome is not a product that you have probably heard of compared with the Nest and British Gas' Hive but the Evohome has been generating a lot of buzz in the world of heating and smart technology.

According to Honeywell the Evohomes creator, the Evohome is a sophisticated heating system that ensures you can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties as well as also controlling hot water.

Evohome is suitable for any home with a hydronic (wet) central heating system and is ideal when looking to control temperatures in larger properties such as: luxury apartments; large family homes; homes with business use; multiple occupancy apartments and light commercial spaces such as doctor's surgeries and small offices. 

Some of the features benefits are:

  • Touchscreen control, the user can quickly gain control of exactly where and when the property should be heated.
  • Remote access is provided via a tablet or smart phone.
  • Wireless Radiator Controllers provide an easy way of installing heating zones without draining down or disturbing pipes or décor.

Orders are now stacked up until September and the Evohome is launching this summer in France and Italy.

Honeywell has also just increased production to keep up with demand as Europe prepares for another winter of expensive heating bills.

Currently the Evohome is linked up to either an iOS and Android app and allows you to change the schedules and adjust your heating on the as and when you want, however you can’t get into the full range of settings available on the Evohome Controller, but this could change in the future.

To make this system work to its fullest potential Honeywell you will need controllers for individual radiators, hot water (if you use a hot water tank) and electric or hydronic underfloor and wall heaters.

To watch a video about the Evohome Click here. 

To download the Total Connect Comfort App, Click here. 

NIGERIA:  LG Electronics (LG), The Korean Technology Company, has released its newest Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) system designed specifically to meet the needs of the Nigerian market.

The LG GEN COOL Inverter V AC meets the demands of customers who want to use air conditioners in Nigeria with small capacity generators. The benefits of this model are:

  • Average 75 percent generator size reduced with Gen mode
  • Saves on running costs by 40 percent through LG advanced inverter V technology
  • LVS, AVS & PCB up to 450 V (Stronger and wider protection)
  • The unit does not require large generators to start AC due to high start-up electric power; the LG GEN COOL Inverter V AC can be started with smaller generator due to LG inverter technology.
  • The LG Gen Cool Inverter V Air Conditioner comes with the GEN Mode which allows for the use of small capacity generator in areas where electric supply is insufficient eliminating the need for large generator.
  • This air conditioner comes with Eco-friendly refrigerant -R410A

Speaking at launch event Mohammed Fouani, managing director, Fouani Nigeria Limited a LG Distributor said “The GEN Mode allows the air conditioner to operate effectively when powered by a small capacity generator, even at a capacity as low as 2KVA. Effective at combating the relentless Nigerian heat, the tremendous cooling capabilities of the GEN COOL Inverter V deliver supreme comfort.  “With the Jet Cool function activated LG’s RAC sends out a cool blast of 18 degrees Celsius airflow for a period of 30 minutes; drastically reducing the indoor temperature in almost no time at all.”

About LG: LG Electronics was established in 1958 and has since led the way into the advanced digital era thanks to the technological expertise acquired by manufacturing many home appliances such as radios and TVs. LG Electronics has unveiled many new products, applied new technologies in the form of mobile devices and digital TVs in the 21st century and continues to reinforce its status as a global company.

USA:  ClimateMaster, a leading manufacturer of geothermal and water-source heat pumps, in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), received the Federal Laboratory Consortium's (FLC) 2014 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer for its Trilogy™ 40 geothermal heat pump system.

Raj Hiremath, ClimateMaster Director of Marketing said; "We are honoured to have received such a prestigious award from the FLC, which further underscores the groundbreaking success of our Trilogy series of geothermal heat pump systems, providing the industry's leading efficiencies that now achieve upwards of 45 EER in accordance with AHRI standards," as a company we are also proud to provide an example of the successes that can be achieved by partnering with federal and academic entities to develop commercially viable solutions that are scalable and effectively applied in real-world situations."

The Trilogy 40 geothermal heat pump system, released commercially in 2012, paved the way for the Trilogy 45™ Q-Mode™ variable-speed geothermal heat pump system. Trilogy 45™ provides the industry's highest efficiencies of 45 EER and saves even more energy via on-demand hot water generation capabilities.

The system also offers easy programming, monitoring and control for homeowners and dealers over the internet from any WiFi-enabled device.

In addition to the highest efficiency ratings, the Trilogy 45 Q-Mode's patent-pending Q-Mode technology reduces hot water operating costs by providing full-time, year-round domestic hot water heating at over 500-percent (5.0 COP) efficiency.

The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is ENERGY STAR Tier 3-qualified, and exceeds requirements for the currently uncapped 30-percent federal tax credit for geothermal heat pump systems. Available in vertical-upflow, vertical-downflow and horizontal configurations, the system is also offered in 0930 kBtuh (9k to 30k Btuh, or .75 tons to 2 tons) and 1860 kBtuh (18k to 60k Btuh, or 1.5 tons to 5 tons) capacities. The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is exclusively available through ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealers.

About Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC): The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is the nationwide network of federal laboratories that provides the forum to develop strategies and opportunities for linking laboratory mission technologies and expertise with the marketplace. Organized in 1974 and formally chartered by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide, the FLC recognizes approximately 300 federal laboratories and centres and their parent departments and agencies as current members.

About ClimateMaster: ClimateMaster, Inc. is the, which are considered to be the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly type of heating and cooling systems available on the market today. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Ok, ClimateMaster, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc. whose common stock is traded over the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LXU.

UK:  Resource Data Management (RDM), the leading controls and monitoring company, has been shortlisted for two major awards in The Cooling Industry Awards 2014.

The dmTouch, the latest generation of the company’s flagship intelligent building control system, is shortlisted for the Refrigeration Product of the Year Award, and RDM USA Inc is shortlisted for International Achievement of the Year.

The Data Manager is one of RDM’s most advanced and innovative products, selling more than 14,000 systems worldwide since its launch. The platform has been developed with more than 30 man-years of software development, comprising in excess of one million lines of code.

The latest version, the dmTouch, is equipped with the industry’s first fully interactive colour multi-touch-screen interface, enabling installers, clients and service staff to quickly configure the system and navigate to areas of interest.

A complete redesign of the electronics at its heart has resulted in a new CPU that runs faster and cooler to deliver increased processing power and speed. Software has been enhanced to make full use of the new touch interface and higher screen resolution.

On the business front, RDM established its US operation just two years ago but it is already making a major impact, challenging incumbent controls giants in their home market. The company’s pioneering approach based on open protocol, non-proprietary systems is revolutionising the market and winning new customers.

RDM USA Inc is now serving clients across the US, Canada, Mexico and South Amercia, including six major retailers, boosting UK exports and establishing a foundation to develop sales across the American continent.

Andrew Chandler, RDM managing director, says: “When we explain the benefits of RDM’s approach to end users, OEMs and installers, they quickly appreciate how it can reduce energy use, cut costs and improve both control and quality. Adopting RDM’s systems enable them to move away from less flexible platforms that have been the US industry standard for the last 30 years.

“The dmTouch is a perfect example of RDM’s ability to break the mould. It is uniquely flexible, and enables users to draw together and quickly analyse multiple streams of data from energy-using plant in a building or industrial process, saving energy and even predicting potential equipment failures before they happen.”

The winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner being held at the Park Lane Hilton, London, on 24 September 2014.

USA: With discussions very much focused on the phase out of R22 and the general state of the US refrigeration industry, which has now been charged with following in the footsteps of Europe and must completely eliminate the use of R22 by 2020, ATMOsphere was the perfect place for Azane Inc. a US manufacturer of industrial chillers and freezers, to showcase their low charge ammonia refrigeration technology to industry professionals and leading end-users. 

Ammonia is the natural refrigerant of choice used in all Azane products. It has a zero global warming potential and a zero ozone depleting potential. Ammonia is also highly efficient, with research showing energy savings of 20%+ when compared with HFC's.

Azane seems the best choice for the R22 replacement as its low charge systems use an equivalent of just 20% of the ammonia charge of a traditional ammonia refrigeration system, which makes them a particularly safer and energy efficient solution.


Engineering expert Derek Hamilton, a US Business Development Manager for Star Refrigeration, discussed the different options available for R22 replacement, including drop-in refrigerants, HFCs, blended and natural refrigerants such as low charge ammonia and CO2.

"Different alternatives are readily accessible, but only natural refrigerants ensure a regulatory free, environmentally friendly and long-term solution," said Hamilton.

"With a total duty of 190 TR, the Azane low charge system is designed to supply cooling water at 40°F using a high efficiency air cooled Azanechiller."

"Analysis of the Azanechiller showed that the energy bill will be reduced by over $40,000 a year, compared to an equivalent HFC air cooled chiller."

About Azane Inc: Azane is a subsidiary of leading European refrigeration contractor Star Refrigeration, renowned for its work in natural refrigeration technology since 1970 and numerous technical papers on CO2 and ammonia published through ASHRAE.

To read more about Azane Click here. 

Image Souce: Screenshot Azanefreeze system animation