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NIGERIA:  LG Electronics (LG), The Korean Technology Company, has released its newest Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) system designed specifically to meet the needs of the Nigerian market.

The LG GEN COOL Inverter V AC meets the demands of customers who want to use air conditioners in Nigeria with small capacity generators. The benefits of this model are:

  • Average 75 percent generator size reduced with Gen mode
  • Saves on running costs by 40 percent through LG advanced inverter V technology
  • LVS, AVS & PCB up to 450 V (Stronger and wider protection)
  • The unit does not require large generators to start AC due to high start-up electric power; the LG GEN COOL Inverter V AC can be started with smaller generator due to LG inverter technology.
  • The LG Gen Cool Inverter V Air Conditioner comes with the GEN Mode which allows for the use of small capacity generator in areas where electric supply is insufficient eliminating the need for large generator.
  • This air conditioner comes with Eco-friendly refrigerant -R410A

Speaking at launch event Mohammed Fouani, managing director, Fouani Nigeria Limited a LG Distributor said “The GEN Mode allows the air conditioner to operate effectively when powered by a small capacity generator, even at a capacity as low as 2KVA. Effective at combating the relentless Nigerian heat, the tremendous cooling capabilities of the GEN COOL Inverter V deliver supreme comfort.  “With the Jet Cool function activated LG’s RAC sends out a cool blast of 18 degrees Celsius airflow for a period of 30 minutes; drastically reducing the indoor temperature in almost no time at all.”

About LG: LG Electronics was established in 1958 and has since led the way into the advanced digital era thanks to the technological expertise acquired by manufacturing many home appliances such as radios and TVs. LG Electronics has unveiled many new products, applied new technologies in the form of mobile devices and digital TVs in the 21st century and continues to reinforce its status as a global company.

USA:  ClimateMaster, a leading manufacturer of geothermal and water-source heat pumps, in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), received the Federal Laboratory Consortium's (FLC) 2014 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer for its Trilogy™ 40 geothermal heat pump system.

Raj Hiremath, ClimateMaster Director of Marketing said; "We are honoured to have received such a prestigious award from the FLC, which further underscores the groundbreaking success of our Trilogy series of geothermal heat pump systems, providing the industry's leading efficiencies that now achieve upwards of 45 EER in accordance with AHRI standards," as a company we are also proud to provide an example of the successes that can be achieved by partnering with federal and academic entities to develop commercially viable solutions that are scalable and effectively applied in real-world situations."

The Trilogy 40 geothermal heat pump system, released commercially in 2012, paved the way for the Trilogy 45™ Q-Mode™ variable-speed geothermal heat pump system. Trilogy 45™ provides the industry's highest efficiencies of 45 EER and saves even more energy via on-demand hot water generation capabilities.

The system also offers easy programming, monitoring and control for homeowners and dealers over the internet from any WiFi-enabled device.

In addition to the highest efficiency ratings, the Trilogy 45 Q-Mode's patent-pending Q-Mode technology reduces hot water operating costs by providing full-time, year-round domestic hot water heating at over 500-percent (5.0 COP) efficiency.

The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is ENERGY STAR Tier 3-qualified, and exceeds requirements for the currently uncapped 30-percent federal tax credit for geothermal heat pump systems. Available in vertical-upflow, vertical-downflow and horizontal configurations, the system is also offered in 0930 kBtuh (9k to 30k Btuh, or .75 tons to 2 tons) and 1860 kBtuh (18k to 60k Btuh, or 1.5 tons to 5 tons) capacities. The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is exclusively available through ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealers.

About Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC): The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is the nationwide network of federal laboratories that provides the forum to develop strategies and opportunities for linking laboratory mission technologies and expertise with the marketplace. Organized in 1974 and formally chartered by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide, the FLC recognizes approximately 300 federal laboratories and centres and their parent departments and agencies as current members.

About ClimateMaster: ClimateMaster, Inc. is the, which are considered to be the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly type of heating and cooling systems available on the market today. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Ok, ClimateMaster, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc. whose common stock is traded over the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LXU.

UK:  Resource Data Management (RDM), the leading controls and monitoring company, has been shortlisted for two major awards in The Cooling Industry Awards 2014.

The dmTouch, the latest generation of the company’s flagship intelligent building control system, is shortlisted for the Refrigeration Product of the Year Award, and RDM USA Inc is shortlisted for International Achievement of the Year.

The Data Manager is one of RDM’s most advanced and innovative products, selling more than 14,000 systems worldwide since its launch. The platform has been developed with more than 30 man-years of software development, comprising in excess of one million lines of code.

The latest version, the dmTouch, is equipped with the industry’s first fully interactive colour multi-touch-screen interface, enabling installers, clients and service staff to quickly configure the system and navigate to areas of interest.

A complete redesign of the electronics at its heart has resulted in a new CPU that runs faster and cooler to deliver increased processing power and speed. Software has been enhanced to make full use of the new touch interface and higher screen resolution.

On the business front, RDM established its US operation just two years ago but it is already making a major impact, challenging incumbent controls giants in their home market. The company’s pioneering approach based on open protocol, non-proprietary systems is revolutionising the market and winning new customers.

RDM USA Inc is now serving clients across the US, Canada, Mexico and South Amercia, including six major retailers, boosting UK exports and establishing a foundation to develop sales across the American continent.

Andrew Chandler, RDM managing director, says: “When we explain the benefits of RDM’s approach to end users, OEMs and installers, they quickly appreciate how it can reduce energy use, cut costs and improve both control and quality. Adopting RDM’s systems enable them to move away from less flexible platforms that have been the US industry standard for the last 30 years.

“The dmTouch is a perfect example of RDM’s ability to break the mould. It is uniquely flexible, and enables users to draw together and quickly analyse multiple streams of data from energy-using plant in a building or industrial process, saving energy and even predicting potential equipment failures before they happen.”

The winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner being held at the Park Lane Hilton, London, on 24 September 2014.

USA: With discussions very much focused on the phase out of R22 and the general state of the US refrigeration industry, which has now been charged with following in the footsteps of Europe and must completely eliminate the use of R22 by 2020, ATMOsphere was the perfect place for Azane Inc. a US manufacturer of industrial chillers and freezers, to showcase their low charge ammonia refrigeration technology to industry professionals and leading end-users. 

Ammonia is the natural refrigerant of choice used in all Azane products. It has a zero global warming potential and a zero ozone depleting potential. Ammonia is also highly efficient, with research showing energy savings of 20%+ when compared with HFC's.

Azane seems the best choice for the R22 replacement as its low charge systems use an equivalent of just 20% of the ammonia charge of a traditional ammonia refrigeration system, which makes them a particularly safer and energy efficient solution.


Engineering expert Derek Hamilton, a US Business Development Manager for Star Refrigeration, discussed the different options available for R22 replacement, including drop-in refrigerants, HFCs, blended and natural refrigerants such as low charge ammonia and CO2.

"Different alternatives are readily accessible, but only natural refrigerants ensure a regulatory free, environmentally friendly and long-term solution," said Hamilton.

"With a total duty of 190 TR, the Azane low charge system is designed to supply cooling water at 40°F using a high efficiency air cooled Azanechiller."

"Analysis of the Azanechiller showed that the energy bill will be reduced by over $40,000 a year, compared to an equivalent HFC air cooled chiller."

About Azane Inc: Azane is a subsidiary of leading European refrigeration contractor Star Refrigeration, renowned for its work in natural refrigeration technology since 1970 and numerous technical papers on CO2 and ammonia published through ASHRAE.

To read more about Azane Click here. 

Image Souce: Screenshot Azanefreeze system animation

Hoshizaki has produced the first Hydrocarbon cube ice maker. Hydrocarbons are a non toxic refrigerant with no ozone depleting properties and almost zero GWP.

This Hoshizaki high capacity machine is targeted primarily at larger outlets that are keen to demonstrate environmental awareness and realise major energy and water savings.

Although virtually eliminating ozone depletion and reducing global warming to virtually zero, the R290 refrigerant used provides a further benefit in that it reduces energy consumption by approximately 20%. This is in addition to other water and energy saving features developed by Hoshizaki’s R&D team which is committed to pioneering the manufacture of environmentally friendly ice makers.

The Hoshizaki IM-240ANE-HC produces 210kgs of perfect ice over 24 hours. Hoshizaki is globally recognized for the crystal clear ice its machines produce. Made to an exceptionally cold -25°C, the ice remains solid for the longest possible time. In addition, the machine will operate continuously at temperatures of up to 40º C.

Features include: 

Outstanding efficiency operating in ambient temperature from +1°C to +40°C

Unique, closed cell, jet ice making system that contains the water in the ice making process thus reducing cleaning and potential bacteria build up

Fully automatic rinse and flush cycle that ensures clear, hygienic ice cubes

Removable, cleanable, condenser air filters that reduce maintenance costs and improve performance

Bespoke water filters that improve water quality by removing discolouration, odour and treat hard water thus contributing to the production of perfect ice and reduced machine


To download the full product release, Click here

BITZER’s New ECOLINE reciprocating compressors (4 to 221 m³/h) are now even more versatile.  They are available not just for refrigerant R134a, but also R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R507A, propane, hydrocarbons and the new HFO and HFO/HFKW mix.  Special ECOLINE compressors can also be specified for high-pressure R410A refrigerants,

BITZER’s New ECOLINE compressors are highly efficient and can be used as a replacement part within existing refrigeration systems.  The coefficient of performance (COP) has been improved throughout the series by 6% in terms of the usual nominal points and as much as 12% for the low condensing temperatures important for annual capacity (seasonal efficiency).  The compressors with motor version 2 are now universal refrigeration compressors for full low and medium temperature applications. 

New ECOLINE’s are compatible with previous generation ECOLINES as they feature an unaltered mounting hole pattern and the same pipe connections.  A number of design changes within the compressor have optimized the efficiency (higher cooling capacity with minimal energy requirements). New ECOLINE also serves as a basis for all Varispeed compressors and the well-known air- and water-cooled condensing units.

As an optional accessory, BITZER offers tried-and-tested capacity control systems for the entire series.  All the compressors are also suitable for operation with external frequency inverters.

For further information contact BITZER UK LIMITED, Advantage One, Third Avenue, Denbigh West, Bletchley, MK1 1DR, tel:  +44 (0) 1908 642966, fax:  +44 (0) 1908 644330, email: or visit their website

UK:  BITZER has been manufacturing COcompressors since the mid 1990s and has now expanded its series of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors for transcritical COapplications, including smaller and larger models. With the introduction of the 4PTC-6K model for lower displacements and the 4DTC-25K and 4CTC-30K models for higher displacements, the series now ranges from 4.3 to 25.6 cubic metres of displacement per hour at 50 Hz.

With CO2, only very small amounts of direct greenhouse gas emissions are released, so with these applications a greater focus is placed on reducing indirect emissions through energy consumption.  Consequently, BITZER CO2 compressors offer high energy efficiency and exceptional versatility.

BITZER is the only compressor manufacturer to also have its performance data certified by ASERCOM (Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers). All compressors for subcritical COapplications, and most of the compressors for transcritical applications, have been integrated into the certification programme.

Further information is available from BITZER UK LIMITED, Advantage One, Third Avenue, Denbigh West, Bletchley, MK1 1DR, tel:  +44 (0) 1908 642966, fax:  +44 (0) 1908 644330, email: or downloadable from

CANADA:  Smartcool Systems Inc. today announced it has now received approval for beta testing of Smartcool's energy efficiency technology with a Florida-based food distribution firm.

This test is the next phase in introducing Smartcool's technology to the refrigerated transportation sector. As we previously reported the first phase produced 18% energy savings from an evaluation of their energy efficiency technology on two sea-going refrigerated containers.

Currently refrigerated transport accounts for about 20% of all goods transported, with millions of sea-bound containers, box trucks, and trailers using high amounts of energy to keep goods cold.

George Burnes, President and CEO of Smartcool states, "In our first phase of testing, we have already proven that our technology can yield significant savings on refrigerated transport compressor run time and energy consumption. Now we are aiming to translate these savings into diesel fuel saved, as this is the measurement that operators are looking for. Diesel fuel in Europe costs almost twice as much as in North America, and in both regions prices are on the rise. This indicates a huge opportunity for us to offer a valuable solution to our existing customers as well as giving us an edge in opening the door with new customers."

The 2nd round of testing set to take place in the next couple of weeks and Smartcool is keen to complete this next phase so they can roll out the technology across the food distribution firms 115 trailers.  

Bruce Kemp, Smartcool's Technical Director, explains the beta test. "Our beta site offers the perfect opportunity for us to test our technology on a fully loaded frozen food trailer. The food distribution company has two identical side-by-side refrigerated trailers storing 35,000 lbs. of frozen turkeys and running 24/7. The monitoring and verification equipment will be installed on both trailers, while Smartcool's technology will be installed on only one of the trailers. This allows us to see the savings we can achieve in one trailer compared to how the other identical trailer refrigeration system would perform without Smartcool installed. We will be able to monitor all aspects of system performance including box temperature, compressor cycles and diesel fuel flow."

About Smartcool: Smartcool Systems Inc. provides cutting edge energy efficient and energy cost reduction solutions for businesses around the world. The ECO3 and ESM are Smartcool's unique retrofit technologies that reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems by 15% to 20%, giving customers a return on investment in as little as 12 months.

To read more about Smartcool, Click here

TECHNOLOGY:  A new device has come onto the market to control air conditioning units in the home. The new device called Sensibo is set to compete with the likes of the Tado. 

Sensibo is a small device that connects home air conditioners to the internet, with one of the many benefits being that it can be used with any air conditioning unit that has a remote control.

The device uses IR commands to communicate with your existing A/C, just like your remote control. It works right out of the box and supports any remote controlled A/C: Window A/Cs, Split, central, standing, etc.

The unit also comes with a cleverly designed app, which can connect with your alarm clock to adjust the temperature based on the time of day or you can set it to sleep and power saving modes. You can also control all of the standard features directly from your smartphone.

It also allows users to connect several different air conditioning units of different make and model. The Sensibo has two main components: Sensibo Pods – which connect to the A/C unit – and the Smart Hub, which connects to users’ router.

Sensibo is also developer friendsly and has a robust API that allows incorporation into other apps and can easily work alongside other smart devices.

The API gives developers access to:

  • Control all your A/C settings
  • Temperature input
  • Relative humidity input
  • Vibrations sensor input
  • Ambient light sensor input
  • iBeacon information
  • Time to reach target temperature
  • Efficiency of current A/C usage
  • Send arbitrary IR commands (TV, A/V, etc.)
  • Receive IR commands (from different remotes)


Currently, you can pre-order the Single Kit – a Sensibo Pod and Smart Hub – for $79, the Duo Kit – 2 pods and the Smart Hub – for $169, or the developers kit for $300. Additional Pods are $69.

Watch the Sensibo Video here 

To find out more about the Sensibo or to get yours Click here. 

UK:  ISD Solutions, has expanded its offering of modular walk in cold and freezer rooms for the hospitality and fast food sector. 

The new MISA modular cold storage range now covers 14 popular sizes with storage volumes from 3.1m³ to 16.7m³ and operating temperature from -20 to +5 degrees. Available ‘off-the-peg’ from ISD Direct, the  These provide an off-the-shelf easy to clean solutions ideally suited for hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets, as well as pubs and catering companies.

In addition, an innovative ‘FASTFIT’ system using a patented cam lock fastener ensures quick and simple assembly to minimise installation costs and the finished surface with rounded and internal coved corners enables easy cleaning for good food hygiene. Importantly the lockable MISA cold rooms are Food Standard’s Agency HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) compliant and include a range of additional features such as illuminated internal safety release, and integrated mono-block plant.

The use of 100mm thick high-density isothermal polyurethane panels provides superior insulation properties, typically making a MISA cold store significantly more efficient than other commercially available cold rooms or freezers. This in turn ensures lower running costs an increasingly important factor for small businesses facing rising energy bills.

All modular Cold Storage Solutions are supplied with: 

  • Floor, Ceiling and Wall Panels
  • Integrated Refrigeration unit
  • Digital Controls and Lighting

Extra Options include:

  • Bespoke choice of room size
  • Strip Curtains
  • Windows
  • Sliding Doors
  • Floor options (walk-in or trolley)
  • Remote condensing units

Andrew Hudspith, director ISD Solutions explains: “The demand for modular cold storage solutions is growing as small businesses realise the value of ‘walk-in’ solutions, with a single access door. These offer not only efficient safe storage of perishable goods, but reduced energy consumption – now the second largest cost factor for the hospitality sector.  Our customers range from hotels and restaurants, including high street brands Burger King and Yo Sushi, to caterers, recreational facilities and cinemas, schools and colleges, independent retailers, even artisan food producers, florists and care homes.”

ISD Solutions also provides bespoke design, manufacture and installation services

About ISD Solutions: ISD Solutions is a UK leading contractor in the design, installation and maintenance of composite panel-based structures from cold stores, food processing facilities & distribution centres to clean rooms & data centres. Pioneers of thermally efficient, low cost, single envelope construction, ISD is growing market share in the hospitality industry for its modular cold stores.