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Air Conditioning condensate pump specialist Blue Diamond, has extended their range of products with the launch of the ArctikBlue pump for use on commercial refrigerated display cases where gravity drainage is unavailable.

The new ArctikBlue incorporates BlueDiamond’s reliable MegaBlue pump in a tough steel enclosure, with the capacity to remove up to 50 litres of water per hour at a maximum working head of 20m.

Due to the use of the MegaBlue pump, the dairy tray is able to run dry or self prime, meaning it can be sited at high level and away from hazardous areas.

The ArctikBlue comes complete with an inline thermistor sensor alleviating problems of sticking float mechanisms, and due to the slim line filter probe having no moving parts, the pump runs only when condensate is present.

To find out more about the Blue Diamond range of products visit or follow them on twitter at @BlueDiamondPump



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