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Hoshizaki has produced the first Hydrocarbon cube ice maker. Hydrocarbons are a non toxic refrigerant with no ozone depleting properties and almost zero GWP.

This Hoshizaki high capacity machine is targeted primarily at larger outlets that are keen to demonstrate environmental awareness and realise major energy and water savings.

Although virtually eliminating ozone depletion and reducing global warming to virtually zero, the R290 refrigerant used provides a further benefit in that it reduces energy consumption by approximately 20%. This is in addition to other water and energy saving features developed by Hoshizaki’s R&D team which is committed to pioneering the manufacture of environmentally friendly ice makers.

The Hoshizaki IM-240ANE-HC produces 210kgs of perfect ice over 24 hours. Hoshizaki is globally recognized for the crystal clear ice its machines produce. Made to an exceptionally cold -25°C, the ice remains solid for the longest possible time. In addition, the machine will operate continuously at temperatures of up to 40º C.

Features include: 

Outstanding efficiency operating in ambient temperature from +1°C to +40°C

Unique, closed cell, jet ice making system that contains the water in the ice making process thus reducing cleaning and potential bacteria build up

Fully automatic rinse and flush cycle that ensures clear, hygienic ice cubes

Removable, cleanable, condenser air filters that reduce maintenance costs and improve performance

Bespoke water filters that improve water quality by removing discolouration, odour and treat hard water thus contributing to the production of perfect ice and reduced machine


To download the full product release, Click here