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UK:  Carrier has announced the launch of a new monitoring solution that offers unprecedented levels of choice and performance by providing building owners and maintenance staff to track and remotely monitor their heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, and receive expert analysis and recommendations from Carrier experts.

To meet the needs of each user, the solution comes in three levels: standard, premium and infinite, with services including automatic alarm notification and corrective actions, data analysis and specific recommendations from Carrier experts to optimize resource allocation.

The service enables improved response through alarm monitoring and pre-diagnostics, allowing the identification of a potential issue before it occurs. Corrective actions can be taken quickly, either on site or via a remote connection to the equipment. 

This monitoring solution adapts to a broad range of systems, new or existing, and can also be connected to non-Carrier equipment.

A Web portal offers customers a single point of connection to access and monitor all their sites at the chiller or chiller plant level. The system links the equipment to Carrier’s data center through a dedicated virtual network via dedicated Access Point Name: no data will circulate through the Internet, and there are no extra telecom costs.

“Through this new offering, Carrier delivers an advanced monitoring solution with Carrier’s expert know-how. It is an effective way for our customers to monitor their sites and installations and maintain them at top performance levels,” said Adam Pinfold, Technical Development Manager, Carrier Controls UK Ltd.

To find out more about Carrier’s new monitoring solution contact Phil Treacher on 01372 220 220, or email

Carrier operates in the UK as Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd and is the world leader in high performance heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and is a part of UTC Climate, Controls and Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).


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UK:  Resource Data Management, a world leader in controls and remote monitoring, has launched a raft of cutting edge new products at this year’s Chillventa, and introduced a number of important developments to existing products.  

The company, which recently revealed ambitious plans to accelerate its global growth, has unveiled no fewer than 20 new products, including an industry first with on-board fibre-optic connectivity, to deliver unmatched speed and power.

Andrew Chandler, RDM founder and managing director, said: “This year marks a step change in both our global strategy and product R&D programme. We have been gearing up to accelerate the roll-out of innovations as well as the depth and reach of our management team.

“With the important launches at Chillventa, we now have an unbeatable line-up of products that dramatically extend the capabilities and flexibility of RDM’s platform. It gives users an unbeatable combination of power, ease-of-use and affordability. Together with our new group structure and sales and leadership team, we now have the people and products in place to deliver on our ambitious global growth strategy.”

Among RDM’s star products revealed at Chillventa are:

Touch XL

The newest member of RDM’s pioneering Touch screen family, the slimline Touch XL incorporates a large HD 10in touch-screen interface, audio sounder and USB port, CAN Bus, POE Ethernet and fibre with flexible installation options for wall- or panel-mounting.

The multi-function device can act as a remote display, orbit Data Manager repeater console or stand-alone controller, and has a customisable graphic display for easy access to data and settings from an RDM Intuitive controller.

As an orbit console connected to a dmTouch LAN, it can act as an additional user interface and alarm console, with the same menus and screens, making it easy and quick to use for operators.

Key advantages include flexible communication options, IP allowing the controller to be sited hundreds of meters from the controller and CANbus, enabling the Touch XL to act as an intelligent controller and display in one, eliminating the need for two separate products.

It can accommodate multiple power supply options, including a choice of either POE, (Power over Ethernet) or a low voltage 24v supply.

TDB Editor 2

The smart new TDB Editor 2 represents a major advance with improved design and lay-out, making it easier to access key features – reducing programming time.

Multiple TDB programs can be opened in a single TDB Editor session, streamlining program management. Users can easily copy elements of a TDB strategy from one TDB program to another, further reducing development time.

Other important developments include selectable Tool Boxes to suit the needs of the engineer, allowing users to create programs more quickly; My Tool Box, which allows programmers to produce a customisable list of blocks; and Top Tool Box, which automatically populates a tool box with the blocks used most by the programmer. Built-in user documentation is now available via the Help menu.

Fibre-optic communications

In an industry first, RDM’s Data Manager will be equipped with fibre-optic communications, enabling a connection from either a Mercury Switch or the new touchXL. This will allow data to be transmitted over extended distances of up to 2km. This represents a huge leap forward when compared with CAT5 IP networks, which transmit up to 100m before requiring a network switch or repeater to extend by a further 100m, and so on.

With its greater bandwidth, fibre can transmit much more data than CAT5 patch cable. As the amount of data used to control buildings and industrial process increases over time, the ability to move large amounts of information across distances very quickly and efficiently will become increasingly important.

Fibre communications offer much greater resilience from EMC-related interference, providing a more robust and reliable network connection. This makes installation of cabling easier, as they can run alongside power cables and in close proximity to electrically noisy equipment, which could otherwise affect conventional cabling systems.

A further advantage of fibre is that, being non-conductive, it is immune from voltage surges such as those generated during lighting strikes, providing further resilience and stability.

Kwheb energy dashboard

RDM’s new Kwheb energy dashboard gives end users unprecedented information on, and control over energy usage at individual store, national estate or global level.

The internet-based system draws together data from all energy-using equipment on a network, and presents it in clear graphical form, enabling users to get an immediate at-a-glance view of current energy usage as well as historical trends.

Kwheb harnesses the ability of RDM products to configure and control energy-using plant, while reading a wide range of smart power meters and pulse counters. This gives users the ability progressively to optimise equipment, while seeing the resultant changes in energy burn in real time.

It can focus on any scale of resolution, from a single item of plant, a store, building or factory, up to a national or global estate made up of many thousands of locations.

Once base energy costs have been set, it displays the cost of energy used in a range of currencies, and enables historical comparisons to be made between energy consumption for the current period against the same period last year, last month or last week.

Other products launched to name but a few, include:

  • The Data Manager Dynamic, delivering new dynamic real time graphing
  • A New Range of Smart controllers competitively priced and aimed at applications such as convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.
  • A New Generation of Mercury controllers, offering extended capabilities, power and ease of use. 
  • Intuitive Mercury Wi-Fi Interface overcoming the need for a full site wired infrastructure, saving time and cost during installation 
  • Intuitive Wi-Fi Interface (PR0650 Platform) allowing the Intuitive to interact with a standard Wi-Fi network.
  • 230v Intuitive Mercury Stepper Package - RDM has partnered with Sporlan to offer a turnkey solution incorporating a stepper valve

For more information, call 0141 810 2828 or Email: or visit

About Resorce Data Management (RDM)

RDM are fast becoming one of the world’s leading control and remote monitoring specialist, with a worldwide distribution and support network. With offices in the UK, US and a manufacturing plant in Taiwan, RDM specialize in two key areas:

Control Solutions

RDM designs and manufactures a wide range of control equipment for applications such as Refrigeration, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) and Building Control (BMS). Designed to provide maximum networking flexibility.

Remote Monitoring

As well as manufacture of controls, RDM provide a 24/7 remote monitoring and management call center. The call center provides access data over networks with their team constantly monitoring live data.


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UK:  CAREL has launched, the latest in a generation of programmable controllers THE pCO5, that brings a uniquely powerful combination of features and efficiency to the HVAC OEM sector.  The technology, which represents a leap forward in PLC technology, is the result of the company’s continued heavy investment in research and development conducted in partnership with manufacturers.

Unlike manufacturers of controllers that are designed for BMS applications, CAREL has 40 years of experience of designing and developing products specifically for HVAC OEM sector. Working closely with manufacturers to improve control algorithms has enabled them to deliver impressive energy efficiency levels.

Developing the product in partnership in this way has led to some specific advantages for the manufacturer. The pCO5+ allows OEMs to incorporate and protect their own Intellectual Property, thus maintaining competitive advantage and protecting their investment in Research and Development.

Not only are CAREL in the perfect position to develop bespoke applications flexible enough to match manufacturers’ specific needs, but their experience has also been distilled into a complete OEM applications library so that a myriad of functions, from the simplest to the most complex, are readily available - tried, tested and ready to use.

The pCO5+ offers superb communications capability and is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of supervisory and communications systems. It also offers a range of easy to use, intuitive user interfaces that can be branded to the manufacturer, including touchscreen Thin Film Transistor displays.

The pCO5+ offers:

  • Custom design universal Input/Output silicon chip - ASIC* CAREL – Represents a €1million Investment
  • A reduction in the space and electrical wiring
  • Ultracap technology  (Battery module/solenoid valve no longer required for EEV closure)
  • More powerful and distributed control
  • Perfect compatibility with CAREL pCO3 and pCO5 controllers
  • Ongoing training and support from CAREL UK

CAREL is an innovator and leader in environmental control technology, investing around 6.5% of its consolidated turnover into Research and Development activities and employing 18% of its workforce within this function.  This investment continues to deliver substantial efficiency savings, for example, the latest electronically controlled expansion valves deliver 20-30% energy savings over their mechanical counterparts.

Jesse Poulton, National Sales Manager – HVAC OEM Division, at CAREL UK says:

“The pCO5+ combines our R&D innovation with years of HVAC OEM specialist experience. The promise of EU seasonal efficiency ratings and the quest for PUE unity in data centres represent a couple of examples of why the HVAC market is under increasing pressure to achieve greater unit efficiency. Working in partnership with CAREL allows manufacturers to benefit from our unique OEM knowledge, service and support, while delivering greater performance and protecting intellectual property.” 

For further information contact CAREL on 0208 391 3540 or visit their website


CAREL designs, manufactures and markets high efficiency control solutions and monitoring systems for HVAC/R. With sales offices in 15 countries (Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Russia, South Africa and USA) and Sales partners completing a large commercial network plus production plants around the world (Italy, Brazil, China and USA).


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RCS Energy Management has launched Oracle, an innovative new technology platform for refrigeration and building systems management.

Built around the latest ARM processor and designed to operate through a full range of online and onboard interfaces, the Oracle range offers a scaleable, versatile, affordable and highly-configurable system management solution.

Oracle is an open system, capable of supporting communication with countless third party systems and controllers. As well as sitting at the heart of a fully-networked refrigeration or building management system, it can also operate as a completely standalone control solution within non-networked environments.

Oracle provides a data gateway to all 3rd party monitoring bureau systems such as XML, SNMP, web browser and Java interfaces. Analogue inputs and configurable digital I/O allow Oracle to receive signals from a wide range of plant faults, intruder alerts, leak or alarm systems and BMS functions – with each Oracle unit capable of interfacing with as many as 160 devices.

There are two initial units in the Oracle range, the SM2000 and the SM3000.

The SM2000 Web Manager is a browser-enabled system supervisor solution which allows the user to access the full power of the Oracle system through a desktop browser, tablet or smartphone.

The SM3000 offers all the features of the SM2000, including full browser management, but with the addition of an optional 10.1 colour touchscreen user interface.

Both offer a comprehensive feature-set including: scheduler functions for lighting, heating, night setback, load shedding, dual temperature setpoints and sleep modes; automatic management of device parameters; security for system critical parameters; solid-state storage; 20 point monitoring per networked device; configurable alarm strategies; and configurable resolution for data logging.

RCS Commercial Manager Simon Grater said: “The Oracle technology platform has been designed with the aim of achieving advanced monitoring, energy management and data logging functionality within a significantly reduced form factor and at significantly reduced price points.

“As a result we are confident that Oracle sets new standards for the management of refrigeration and building management systems, combining attractive design and ease of use with a powerful feature set.

“Crucially in the current market place, Oracle also forms part of the most effective environmental management solution on the market.

“Features such as ‘pick and mix’ drop-in algorithms deliver effective store-wide energy reduction, while simple integration with the RCS system enables class-leading  refrigerant gas leak detection  and elimination.”


Fridgehub, providing information and resources to Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Suppliers, Contractors and Retail Business Operators

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UK:  Resource Data Management (RDM), the leading controls and monitoring company, has been shortlisted for two major awards in The Cooling Industry Awards 2014.

The dmTouch, the latest generation of the company’s flagship intelligent building control system, is shortlisted for the Refrigeration Product of the Year Award, and RDM USA Inc is shortlisted for International Achievement of the Year.

The Data Manager is one of RDM’s most advanced and innovative products, selling more than 14,000 systems worldwide since its launch. The platform has been developed with more than 30 man-years of software development, comprising in excess of one million lines of code.

The latest version, the dmTouch, is equipped with the industry’s first fully interactive colour multi-touch-screen interface, enabling installers, clients and service staff to quickly configure the system and navigate to areas of interest.

A complete redesign of the electronics at its heart has resulted in a new CPU that runs faster and cooler to deliver increased processing power and speed. Software has been enhanced to make full use of the new touch interface and higher screen resolution.

On the business front, RDM established its US operation just two years ago but it is already making a major impact, challenging incumbent controls giants in their home market. The company’s pioneering approach based on open protocol, non-proprietary systems is revolutionising the market and winning new customers.

RDM USA Inc is now serving clients across the US, Canada, Mexico and South Amercia, including six major retailers, boosting UK exports and establishing a foundation to develop sales across the American continent.

Andrew Chandler, RDM managing director, says: “When we explain the benefits of RDM’s approach to end users, OEMs and installers, they quickly appreciate how it can reduce energy use, cut costs and improve both control and quality. Adopting RDM’s systems enable them to move away from less flexible platforms that have been the US industry standard for the last 30 years.

“The dmTouch is a perfect example of RDM’s ability to break the mould. It is uniquely flexible, and enables users to draw together and quickly analyse multiple streams of data from energy-using plant in a building or industrial process, saving energy and even predicting potential equipment failures before they happen.”

The winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner being held at the Park Lane Hilton, London, on 24 September 2014.

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced availability of the Experion Orion Console, an advanced display technology that brings the plant control room of the future to life by meeting the changing needs of the increasingly mobile plant operator.

The console – which builds on Honeywell’s flagship Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) control platform – features an improved ergonomic design and better displays to simplify control system management, reduce operator fatigue and improve situational awareness.

The Experion Orion Console’s design was based on operator input gleaned from numerous visits to plant control rooms around the world and across industries, in both newer and older plants. The design and capabilities are the result of behaviour observations, as well as insights collected in multiple phases at plants, including process start-ups and during periods of abnormal operations.

“The state of plant control today is like putting operators on a sleepless, 12-hour flight in economy-class seating and then asking them to make a critical decision that impacts their company’s production and employee safety,” said Jason Urso, chief technology officer, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Operators need more than just process data to make a decision like that; they need an environment that helps keep them alert, allows them to move about more freely, and presents information more intuitively. The Experion Orion Console was designed with all of those factors in mind.”

 The console’s features include:

  • A large flexible,Ultra-high definition display, to provide clear status assessments of process operations in a single glance.
  • Customize displays for context-specific process issues
  • Advanced alarm management
  • Pan and zoom capabilities.
  • Limits and targets are directly integrated into overview displays, allowing operation of the process closer to the optimum and allowing operators an increased scope of responsibility across the industrial facility.
  • Touch panel displays enables operators to quickly and accurately respond to changing conditions and prevent situations that could lead to plant incidents and emergencies.

Aside from the actual information, however, the console has a mobile tablet that also reduces operator fatigue by allowing personnel to move about the control room more freely than before. When paired with wireless-enabled mobile technologies, the system also allows operators to view the same displays on hand-held devices in other areas of the plant.

“Plants must be designed and built according to a company’s specific production needs, but the control rooms themselves should be built around the operators’ needs,” Urso said. “If you meet the operators’ needs, they can manage the plant more effectively and at optimum levels, which ultimately impacts plant safety, reliability and efficiency more than anything else.”

For more information on this product, click here

About Honeywell: Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) helps industrial customers around the world operate safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and more profitable facilities. They offer leading technologies as well as comprehensive lifecycle services.