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Coca Cola in conjunction with Leo Burnett Columbia have been shortlisted for the Cannes Lions for their innovatively designed Bio Cooler.

The Bio Cooler which aims to bring cold drinks to the world without the use of electricity or batteries is based on a combination of evaporation refrigeration and conventional absorption refrigeration.

According to their submission Leo Burnett and Coca Cola said; we should find the way to get energy to refrigerate the product. We researched about refrigeration technologies which don´t use electric power, we analyzed simple and ancient times techniques on how keep food and beverages fresh. As a conclusion, we decided to combine the evaporation refrigeration principle with a conventional absorption refrigeration system activated just from the sun's energy concentration captured by a parabolic mirror. The design line respects the next brand visibility guidelines and applies a very subtle eco design tone.

Screen Shot - Leo Burnett CommercialScreen Shot - Leo Burnett Commercial

One of the quirky features is that they don't just add water, but also have plants that cool even more through transpiration. The coolerworks by watering the plants that sit on top which creates evaporation inside the machine. Then, a mirror on top converts gas into liquid, making things even cooler inside the dispenser. The result is a cold drink without wasting any electricity to do it, and best of all the technology works better the hotter it gets.

Check out Leo Burnett's prize winning commercial Click here.