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UK:  Reflok's Mechanical Jointing and Aluminium pipe system designed for use on air conditioning equipment as an alternative to copper brazed pipe systems, has been approved for use by Transport for London (TFL) on the London Underground system.

Hot works on the underground, or in fact on any railway or petro-chemical based projects, is always a major headache for contractors. The Reflok jointing system allows engineers to concentrate on the installation without the limitation on working hours that are normally in place. Access into the working area without the need to carry industrial gases onto site is a real drain on the working day and Reflok not only provides a solution for this, but also improves the speed of installation.

Howard Noble, Managing DIrector of Reflock revealed, "At the start of last year we made contact with a member of the approval team at TFL and, after almost a year of discussions, we can now confirm that Reflok has achieved the status of “Authorised for use”.

"With the infrastructure for the new Cross Rail link in London now in place, the next step is for contractors to start installing the services and shops etc., so the timing is perfect."

In addition the Reflok system allows engineers to work quicker without the need for nitrogen purging providing a totally clean installation.

See the Reflok tool kit and jointing system in action

Reflok's aluminium pipe is available in sizes from 1/4"-3/4" in coiled tube and 1/4" - 2-1/8" in straight lengths. The Reflok system can be installed without any 'hot works' and has approval from leading air conditioning manufacturers.

The Reflok system is available in the UK from FSW. To find your nearest FSW branch click here.

Reflok is also available from international stockists, to find a distributor near you, visit


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