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GERMANY: Güntner Group, a leader in refrigeration and air conditioning technology has been expanding its business with great success.

With their consistent strategy of being close to the customer, the Güntner Group is able to identify market potentials and be actively involved in creating market developments. The Group has addressed these challenges by expanding their production capacities and by investing in the research and development of new products. 

There has been a considerable amount of customer interest in the Güntner brands at recent trade fairs. The increasing product demand and the direct customer comments confirm the market needs sustainable development at all levels as the industry is subject to continuous change. This is why the Güntner Group expects an on-going growth in a wide range of areas and markets during the next few years.

In order to take account of this development, the Güntner Group has been intensely investing in their R & D as well as in the expansion and modernisation of production.

The steadily increasing demand for natural refrigerants in the commercial and industrial refrigeration sectors requires technical competence and competitive products. Güntner will soon expand their product segments with several new unit series.

The Group is ideally equipped with their high-capacity product series Güntner HydroSpray® JAEGGI

Hybridtechnologie® and thermowave® for the ever-growing performance requirements regarding the recooling of data centres and is to establish clear benchmarks with new product developments

To take long-term trends into account, new test facilities were set up in Germany as well as Brazil last year.

In addition, capacities of several manufacturing facilities will be expanded along with the building of a new plant. Currently, there is expansion of the plants in Tata (Hungary), Monterrey (Mexico) and Ishevsk (Russia).

About Guntner Europe: Güntner Group Europe GmbH has its headquarters in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, and is the cross-brand holding company for Güntner GmbH & Co. KG, thermowave Gesellschaft für Wärmetechnik mbH, JAEGGI Hybridtechnolgie AG, and basetec products + solutions GmbH for the EMEA region (Europe/Middle East/Africa).