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UK:  A major R22 chiller replacement project at Salisbury Hospital has set what is believed to be a new industry record for underground refrigerant pipework on a Turbomiser installation.

Four new chillers, with a combined cooling capacity of some 1.4MW, are connected to air-cooled condensers by DX pipework up to 75m in length. The large-gauge copper tube (up to 3in 5/8 on the discharge and 2in 5/8 on liquid lines) runs beneath a road in a concrete-lined culvert.

The installation, which took nine weeks to complete, required refrigerant pipe to be mounted on custom-fabricated brackets every 1.5m along the length of the underground structure. Each chiller and condenser is on an independent circuit.

The air-cooled condensers sited on existing mountingsThe high efficiency R134a-based chillers replace four aging R22-based Hitachi units, on dual screw compressors, believed to be up to 20 years old. The Turbomisers were installed on the existing mounting points, however they occupy two-thirds the space, due to their high performance relative to their size.

The Turbomisers, fitted with an Economiser based on a high efficiency brazed plate heat exchanger, provide cooling for the hospital’s air handling units, serving wards, administration areas and waiting rooms. They are linked to a hospital-wide Building Management System (BMS), with control based on return water temperature. The BMS controls chiller sequencing and run-time to even-out operational hours and prolong working life.

Cool-Therm provided a complete turn-key installation, including design, supply, installation and commissioning. The company has also secured a five year service and maintenance contract for the chillers.

Large diam refrigerant pipes connect chillers and condenser either side of a roadIn a previous project at the site, Cool-Therm supplied a packaged air-cooled Turbomiser chiller, complete with integral condenser, enabling it to be located in a restricted space in an enclosed area of the hospital.

Rob Young, Cool-Therm project director, said: “Due to the need to maintain continuity of cooling throughout, it required a carefully managed staged approach. Because of the time of year, we were able to remove three of the four original chillers and leave one operational, after ensuring it was capable of meeting all anticipated demand.

“When two of the three new systems were operational, the fourth original unit was decommissioned and removed, and the final chiller and associated condenser installed.”

He added: “The need to route pipe work under a road and a delivery area obviously added an extra dimension, and one that we had not encountered before. However, the custom-designed mounting system we developed proved very effective.”

Jerry Henderson, who headed the project for Salisbury Hospital, said: “The new Turbomisers are part of a hospital-wide efficiency programme, designed to reduce running costs and improve our carbon footprint. We were impressed by the proven performance of the chiller and the significant potential energy savings. Cool-Therm were highly professional and worked closely with our on-site team to deliver a complex project ahead of schedule, and – crucially – without interruption to hospital cooling.”

The Cool-Therm installation team was led by Simon Umlandt, assisted by Steve Baker and Andy Comerford.


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UK:  High efficiency Turbomiser chillers installed at North Somerset Council’s headquarters in Clevedon are saving the organisation more than £1000.00 a week in energy costs.

North Somerset Council’s headquarters in ClevedonCool-Therm  installed two Turbomiser TMA 400kW chillers at the council’s building at Castlewood earlier this year, working closely with Steve Hodges, Principal Mechanical, Electrical and Energy Engineer, North Somerset Council, to ensure the existing chillers were removed safely and the new Turbomiser craned accurately into position.

The high efficiency, oil-less chillers, which run on virtually frictionless magnetic levitation bearings, replaced three aging Hitachi machines which were approaching the end of their operational life.

The existing chillers, rated at 569kW each, were considered to be oversized for the application following major changes to the building’s occupancy and usage, resulting in high maintenance costs, poor control and reliability.

Cool-Therm carried out a turn-key project for the client involving the safe removal of the existing chillers, replacing them with new Turbomiser machines. The changeover was successfully completed while maintaining continuity of cooling to the building, so that it could continue to function as normal.

The project having taken taken two months to complete, involved the staged removal of existing units and installation of new chillers with major work completed out of office hours to minimise disruption on site.

One of the Turbomiser chillers installed at the Council’s headquarters in Clevedon

Due to the proximity of the site and the risk of metal corrosion from onshore wind and salt-laden air, the heat exchange coils on the chillers were treated with a heavy duty Heresite protective coating designed for use in harsh environments.

The chillers, which have an ESEER rating of more than 4.9:1, are equipped with a MODBUS gateway, enabling their performance to be monitored via the internet and any alarms to be interrogated and diagnosed remotely. Following the installation, the council reports that the chillers are saving in excess of £1,000.00 in energy running costs a week.

Steve Hodges said: “The Turbomisers offer a proven high efficiency solution, and the results to date confirm the anticipated savings. We are very pleased with the high quality approach and professionalism of Cool-Therm in delivering the turn-key package, and look forward to the savings that will continue to accrue over the life-time of the plant.”

Watch Cool-Therm's Turbomiser Product Video:

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UK:  Following the recent announcement as UK distributor for World Energy absorption chillers, Klima-Therm has now been appointed UK distributor for Chinese manufacturer Gree’s range of centrifugal chillers, meaning that Klima-Therm now offers a complete range of chiller technologies.

The additions, together with its existing ranges of screw and Turbomiser chillers, on proven platforms from leading manufacturers, reinforces the company’s place in the premier league of UK chiller suppliers.

The agreement enables Klima-Therm to offer high efficiency, cost-competitive centrifugal chiller solutions for the largest buildings and estates, requiring several megawatts of cooling capacity.

Star products in the Gree range are its variable speed centrifugal chiller and photovoltaic (PV) powered inverter chiller. In addition to producing renewable electricity to drive the cooling system, the PV chiller can feed power directly into the grid, enabling the end user to benefit from electricity feed-in tariff.

Roberto Mallozzi of Klima-Therm and Sam Chen of GreeRoberto Mallozzi, managing director of Klima-Therm, said: “We are delighted to have secured the distribution agreement with Gree. Having visited a number of their factories and headquarters in China, the quality and scale of the company is beyond impressive, it is breath-taking. After two decades of rapid growth, one in three residential air conditioning units in the world is now manufactured by Gree, an astonishing feat. Our goal is to make them as famous in the UK’s commercial sector.”

He added: “Although the Gree name is only just becoming established in the UK, the company acts as OEM for some of the world’s best known air conditioning brands. Visiting their vast production plants is like walking through a Hall of Fame, as branded equipment bearing the industry’s top names rolls off the production lines alongside Gree’s own systems.

“They have total confidence in Gree to produce outstanding quality products and, having seen their meticulous approach, R&D and manufacturing facilities, so do we.”

Klima-Therm is backing the launch of Gree centrifugal chillers with a five-year warranty, believed to be an industry first in UK chiller market.

Tim Mitchell, Klima-Therm’s sales director, said: “It demonstrates our confidence in Gree technology, and provides a compelling additional benefit for consultants and end users.

“With the acquisition of centrifugal and absorption chillers, we are now in the enviable position of being able to offer a range of fully referenced chiller alternatives for a project, enabling clients to decide on the most appropriate technical and commercial solution. Very few companies have the capability to do this.”

Klima-Therm’s strategy ideally positions the Wimbledon-based company to take advantage of the wave of major building projects taking place across London over the next five years. Upwards of 250 major projects are either under construction or in the pipeline, most of which will require large scale chiller-based cooling.

Gree has nine manufacturing plants, seven in China plus facilities in Brazil and Pakistan. It produces some 55m residential air conditioners and 4.5m commercial systems a year, and manufactures all key components such as compressors and motors.

A core philosophy of Gree is the move from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. As such, Gree manufactures all key components such as compressors and motors and operates five Research Institutes, 41 Research Centres, 530 laboratories, employing 7,000 engineers, and holds more than 12,000 technology patents.

Gree spent over US$630milion on research and development in 2013 alone, and holds CE, UL and TUV certification.

For more details, contact: Klima-Therm, email, or tel +44(0)20 8971 4195.


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UK:  Airedale's TurboChill™ and TurboChill™ FreeCool chiller with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R1234ze has scooped up the ‘Energy Saving Product of the Year’ trophy at this year’s CIBSE Building Performance Awards.

The win follows on from three earlier commendations received in a number of other important industry awards, providing further recognition of the TurboChill’s significant energy saving credentials and low global warming impact. 

The first BSI approved range of high performance chillers using the low GWP refrigerant R1234ze available from a British manufacturer, the TurboChill™ delivers an industry-leading energy efficient cooling solution with capacity to deliver up to twice as much free-cooling as equivalent thermosiphon products. The addition of low GWP hydro-fluoro olefin (HFO) refrigerant R1234ze makes the TurboChill™ a highly sustainable option, which automatically receives two BREEAM points in recognition of its low global warming impact. R1234ze readily breaks down in the atmosphere within a very short lifetime (16.4 days) and is rated by the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) with a 100-year GWP lower than 1, which performs better than CO2.

With a large number of best-in-class names including AECOM, Barclays Bank and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets among the night’s winners, the CIBSE Building Performance Awards recognise the people, products and projects that demonstrate engineering excellence in the built environment. The awards focus on actual measured performance and not pure design parameters or specifications. Entries are open to any organisation within the UK and internationally that is responsible for the design, commissioning, construction, installation and operation of low energy buildings or manufacturers of products which enable energy efficient consumption.

Airedale Managing Director, Clive Parkman said: “The CIBSE Building Performance Awards are one of the industry’s flagship occasions. Needless to say we are extremely proud to receive further independent recognition of our innovation and leadership. With our approach to research and development, not only are we committed to helping customers save money but we’re also playing a lead role in helping shape the carbon reduction agenda. With this latest win we have confirmed our position as a world-leading innovator providing cost-effective, efficient cooling solutions to the benefit of our customers and the environment.” 

To view the rest of the winners at the awards visit: 


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UK:  Cool-Therm Ltd, a pioneer in the development of the ultra-efficient Turbomiser chiller, is now able to monitor and diagnose chiller performance via the Cloud and GSM, with major potential benefits for engineers and end users.

Turbomiser chillers are now equipped with specialist communications hardware and software, enabling them to remotely transmit and receive data. The system can connect to a local cellular GSM network, or be accessed via Ethernet. 

Connection requires the end user’s permission, but once authorisation is given enables engineers to monitor plant performance remotely, and diagnose potential problems prior to – or overcoming the need for - a site visit.

Alex Strong attends a Turbomiser chiller on siteAlex Strong, Cool-Therm’s technical director, says: “There are obvious benefits in terms of time saving and reducing carbon emissions by cutting vehicle miles. It enables engineers to remotely check on alarms and make permitted adjustments to operating parameters without attending site. It also allows us to brief the customer on chiller problems without incurring an engineer site visit charge.”

He added: “Importantly, the system is completely secure and can only be activated and accessed with the explicit authorisation of the equipment owner.”

There are a number of ways of accessing information. Engineers can connect to the chiller via Ethernet, and Turbomisers are equipped with a data SIM which can connect with the GSM network. While in GSM mode, data is not streamed constantly, but channels are opened if an exceptional event occurs, such as an alarm / fault or parameter change, and the data is automatically transmitted.

Cool-Therm can now diagnose via the CloudSuch exceptional events are recorded on a Cloud-based archive on the manufacturer’s web portal, which in turn is able to email plant supervisors and end users with notifications.

Although the system is managed through Geoclima’s Web Portal, Cool-Therm has its own dedicated software enabling direct connection with its chillers in the field for which access has been permitted by end users.

The system is highly flexible and enables chiller data to be routed to a third party BMS or control system. This normally requires a small additional piece of hardware on the chiller to provide a data protocol exchange, so information can be transferred in a format that most BMS can read.

Anything recorded by the chiller controls can be viewed remotely. This includes trends and any change in parameters, such as temperatures, pressures and power use, and alarm history. It is also possible to interrogate data on a remote terminal for more detailed analysis and historical trending.

Alex says: “It is obvious, but it should be borne in mind that the data is only useful if the person reviewing it is able to understand and correctly interpret it. This is where the services of an experienced Cool-Therm engineer - operating under a premium maintenance contract - come into their own.”

As an additional service, chillers can be equipped with an energy meter and resultant data linked into the chiller controller and the internet monitoring system, or via a local BMS. This can enable end users to meet the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

The system has proved to be highly effective in helping Cool-Therm engineers remotely diagnose plant problems. “We have been able to diagnose many faults remotely using the system. A typical example is a chiller with a water flow alarm, which may indicate a genuine lack of water flow, but also possibly a faulty sensor. In these and many other cases, the problem can be bypassed remotely and other protection used, until a physical repair can be made on site.”

The remote monitoring service is offered by Cool-Therm as part of a Turbomiser chiller’s standard two year warranty, with the option to extend it beyond the warranty period. Under the company’s premium service contract, it actively monitors and responds to alarms.

Alex: “We believe the potential for reducing site visits is very substantial, cutting pollution and reducing costs for customers. It also gives us the ability to gather information on chiller performance over time, and produce an informative quarterly report under our premium service – helping clients optimise performance, extend equipment life, reduce energy use and the overall cost of ownership.”

“We have only just begun to tap the potential, but there is no doubt it opens up exciting possibilities for new approaches to servicing in the future.”

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UK:  McQuay UK has launched a new range of R410-based air-cooled heat pumps that feature reliable scroll compressors to deliver low cost, high efficiency heating and cooling for commercial and industrial applications.

With cooling capacities from 164 to 624kW, the flexible and compact ACZH non-inverter heat pump multi-scroll range significantly extends McQuay’s portfolio, which now comprises a comprehensive choice of efficiencies, sound level configurations and hydraulic modules, as well as an extensive variety of options and accessories.

ACZH heat pumps function in a wide range of operating conditions. In cooling mode, they work at ambient temperatures between -10°C and +46°C and, in heating mode, down to -17°C.

Using scroll compressors and axial fans to offer class A efficiency in heating mode, each ACZH unit has an exceptionally small footprint and low weight to increase siting versatility and make installation faster and easier.

McQuay's new range of R410-based air-cooled heat pumpsThe coefficient of performance (CoP) of the units is up to 3.3, with the maximum energy efficiency rating (EER) up to 3.04 and the European seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ESEER) up to a remarkable 4.74 on the reduced sound version.

Three sound level configurations are available in the range – standard, low sound (featuring a compressor sound cabinet), and reduced sound (combining the low sound version with a lower fan speed).

Each ACZH unit has two independent refrigerant circuits employing non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-ozone depleting R410 refrigerant, which results in low energy consumption, excellent product reliability and outstanding overall performance.

The units are controlled by the MicroTech III smart controller for easy integration with building management systems, including those operating Modbus, LonWorks, BacNet and Ethernet TCP/IP.

To maximise versatility, the ACZH range’s hydraulic module incorporates an optional factory-mounted single or twin pump and optional 500 or 1,000 litre buffer tanks, with or without a cabinet.

James Henley, Chiller Technical Manager at McQuay UK, said: “The energy and cost savings that our ACZH range of heat pumps offer put the range at the top of its class. By installing our top quality heat pumps in combination with conventional boilers or on their own, building owners and operators can make huge savings on their energy bills and reduce their carbon emissions.

“The lightweight ACZH range, in capacities up to 300kW, is around half the width of conventional heat pumps, meaning they can be sited in tighter spaces with less available access.

“On top of this, easy access to key components simplfies and accelerates installation, commissioning and servicing, and the choice of a broad range of options and accessories means we are able to cater for virtually any commercial application.”

To find out more visit


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Northern Ireland:  A major chiller replacement project at a Londonderry hospital has been delivered with the help of Carrier Rental Systems.

The company, which recently opened a branch in Lisburn near Belfast, was asked by contractor R J Smyth Engineering to provide a temporary cooling solution while existing chillers at Altnagelvin Area Hospital were replaced with new high efficiency Carrier chillers.

The Omagh-based contractor, which specialises in industrial and commercial building services and process cooling, worked with CRS to co-ordinate delivery of the rental chiller to cover the six week replacement project.

The brand new 500kW air-cooled Carrier hire chiller was unloaded onsite via a Hiab lorry and craned into position beside the building. It was equipped with temporary 4in pipework and connected to 4in PN16 flanged connections, with power supplied from the hospital’s mains via a 400 Amp breaker.

CRS engineers connected up and commissioned the chiller, with onsite pumps circulating chilled water to and from the unit.

Darren Smyth, who headed up the project for R J Smyth Engineering, said: “Space on site was fairly tight, as we had to position the temporary chiller alongside the hospital, next to the recycling area. However, there was plenty of room for airflow on both sides, so performance was unaffected.”

He added: “A key consideration in the project was that the hospital had to continue to function without interruption. The chillers provide cooling to the hospital’s air handling units, wards, operating theatres and data centre. Therefore, the changeover between the old and new chillers had to be seamless.

“The temporary chiller enabled us to do this without loss of cooling, giving complete assurance to the hospital. We were very pleased with the service and back-up provided by CRS and would certainly use their services again for similar temporary cooling projects.”

Given the hospital setting, it was important that noise from operating plant was minimised. The Carrier 445 chiller supplied is equipped with built-in acoustic panels that attenuate sound produced by compressors and fans, and ensure building occupants are unaffected.

A spokesman for the hospital’s estate services department said: “The project was far from straightforward, and for obvious reasons it was very important to ensure continuity of cooling throughout the process.

“However, from start to finish, the project was superbly organised and managed. It was a text book example of how to do things. Overall, it was delivered with precision and was a credit to all concerned. I was very pleased with the contribution of both the contractor and CRS, for their professionalism and attention to detail.”

The new CRS location at Rosevale Industrial Estate, Lisburn, is headed by Brian Woods, and the hospital project was the first in a series of temporary cooling hire solutions now being delivered across the region, he says.

These include a rental chiller for a leading pharmaceuticals company at Craigavon, following a compressor breakdown on an existing chiller. “The plant provided essential cooling for the manufacturing process, so it was vital to have the replacement unit onsite, piped-up and working quickly,” he says.

“We were able to deliver the unit and get it commissioned in double quick time, ensuring downtime was minimised and costs contained.”

Other projects in the pipeline include a large office development in Dublin, requiring a temporary cooling solution while a problem with the main chiller is repaired, plus a food production plant whose main chiller has developed a fault.

For more details contact: Carrier Rental System on 02892 670 431, or email

About Carrier Rental Systems

Carrier Rental Systems provides efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.