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UK:  Klima-Therm, the chiller and air conditioning specialist, has signed an exclusive UK distribution agreement with World Energy, the international leader in absorption chillers.

The Korean manufacturer produces some of the most advanced and efficient absorption chillers in the world. The technology captures waste heat from buildings or industrial processes and converts it into high efficiency cooling for application in air conditioning and process use, or into different grades of heat.

World Energy absorption systems are used in the food manufacturing, and the chemical, plastic, water and waste and oil and gas industries, where large amounts of heat are produced as a by-product and there is a simultaneous requirement for cooling. Absorption machines can also be used as heat pumps, shifting and amplifying heat output, often making the original process more efficient.

Cooling cycle with double effect gas absorption

Roberto Mallozzi, managing director of Klima-Therm, says: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with World Energy and very pleased that its outstanding absorption technology is now part of the Klima-Therm offering.

“Harnessing waste heat in place of primary energy, such as electricity or gas, can deliver dramatic cost savings for end users, not to mention the environmental benefits. World Energy has been active in the field for many years and is absolutely at the forefront of technology. Its reputation for excellent design and reliability is well deserved.”

A characteristic of World Energy absorption systems is very high efficiency, and the ability to operate across the widest range of waste heat types and temperatures. To ensure performance and efficiency are fully optimised, World Energy absorption machines are designed for each specific project and application.

In addition to reduced running costs, Klima-Therm believes there is a major opportunity for absorption systems in the UK as a result of the mandatory requirement to deliver a component of a building’s energy needs from renewable sources.

“Absorption technology also helps end users meet their obligations under the Zero Emission Building Directive, which is going to be a key market driver over the next decade or so,” says Roberto Mallozzi.

The company believes that greater use of absorption technology in the next few years will follow naturally from the expansion in the use of energy from waste, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and micro-generation plants, which rely on high quality engineering-based solutions.

World Energy absorption systems can also be used to capture waste heat from engine and turbine exhaust gases, and are used in the marine industry to provide low-cost cooling for use on-board ships.

Large scale application of absorption-based systems include district heating schemes, providing heating and cooling for thousands of homes efficiently and reliably.

Roberto Mallozzi says: “The agreement with World Energy is the latest exciting step in our strategy to offer proven solutions for all technology platforms across the chillers field. The absorption machines join our range alongside the ultra-efficient Turbocor-based chillers and established conventional screw and scroll chillers.

“There are other exciting developments in the pipeline which will complete the offering, and we hope to be able to make an announcement in the near future.”

For more details, contact: Klima-Therm, email, or tel +44(0)20 8971 4195.