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Fitting adiabatic cooling to your air-cooled refrigeration plant will improve its efficiency and save you both energy and money.

Adiabatic cooling involves spraying water into the air supply of an air-cooled condenser to pre-cool the air. Cooler air increases the effective capacity of the condenser, which reduces the work required of the refrigeration compressor.

This means that your system will consume less energy, saving you money. You’ll make most of your savings during warm weather –adiabatic cooling is usually turned off when it’s cold.

The business case - The cost of installing an adiabatic cooling system depends on the size of the condenser. As a general rule you’re likely to recoup your investment within two years.  An added advantage is that the reduced load on the compressor lengthens its lifespan and cuts maintenance costs. However, the system does consume water, so you’ll have to take into account increased water costs.  A 300kW chiller will cost around £2,000 to install.  Based on 1,500 operating hours per year, it will save you around £1,400 a year, giving a payback period of 1.4 years.

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