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Recovering waste heat produced by the refrigeration process can save energy and cut costs.

Industrial and commercial companies of all sizes and in all sectors use refrigeration plant to reduce the temperature of buildings.

The food industry also uses refrigeration in the production and storage of food and drink.  Heat recovery equipment can be fitted to existing plant, or companies can specify new plant with heat recovery already integrated. In both cases, the technology allows waste heat to be re-used for space heating or hot water.

The business case - The cost depends on size, but even on some small units, companies could recoup their investment in less than five years.

For a 200kW chiller, heat recovery equipment would cost around £10,000 installed. Assuming 3,000 hours’ operating a year and current gas prices, the heat recovered could add up to a saving of £5,400 – giving a payback in less than two years.  A new 150kW capacity chiller with full heat recovery would be around £26,000 installed, but operating on the same number of hours as above, could save £13,500 and give a payback in around two years.

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