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UK:  Adande has supplied refrigerated drawer systems to the McMullen’s Baroosh bar and restaurant in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. The Marlow venue is the latest of six Baroosh outlets opened by McMullen and one of over a hundred pubs within the brewer’s estate.

The Baroosh brand creates a relaxed atmosphere for the adult market and the pub operates a strict over 21 policy. Baroosh offers a comprehensive variety of drinks and an eclectic range of dishes, from traditional English favourites, such as sausage with bubble & squeak, to Mediterranean influenced sharing dishes. The restaurant provides an all day dining experience, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Baroosh Marlow features an open plan food preparation area, which allows customers to see, hear and smell the kitchen theatre, encouraging dining. Typically, the pub serves over 1200 main meals and up to 300 snacks per week.

Adande refrigerated drawer units installed at BarooshAdande® supplied four of its unique and patented refrigerated two drawer units, which are located beneath the food preparation worktop on the kitchen side of the pass. Three of the units are operated at chilled temperatures for the storage of fresh ingredients and meal portions, with the other Adande® unit operating at freezer temperature for the storage of frozen food. Adande® also supplied a single drawer Chef Base unit, for the storage of fresh meat, which is located beneath the kitchen’s chargrill.

Paul Robbins, Food Development Manager, McMullen, stated that the ability to locate the Adande® drawers beneath the food preparation worktop was an important factor in their specification:

“In a busy kitchen, such as this, there are major operational advantages in kitchen staff having ingredients at their fingertips. The fact that they don’t have to leave their workstation to fetch food speeds up service significantly. Food stored in the large capacity drawers is also easier to access than it would be in conventional upright refrigeration cabinets.”

Kenny Martin, Head Chef at Baroosh Marlow, added:

“The Adande® drawers are excellent for holding food at stable and uniform temperatures, keeping it moist and fresh over extended periods. The ability to switch between chilled and frozen storage temperatures, at the flick of a button, is also a useful feature, giving us cold storage flexibility for seasonal variations in menu.”

George Matlach, General Manager at Baroosh Marlow, cited simple hygiene as an advantage of the Adande® drawer units:

“The fully demountable drawers can be easily and thoroughly cleaned, quickly and efficiently, saving us valuable time and manpower in day-to-day housekeeping regimes.”

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UK: Trials undertaken at Westminster Kingsway College concluded that an Adande refrigerated drawer unit significantly outperformed a conventional under counter door fridge in the storage of fresh fish. A full copy of the report, detailing the results of the trials, is available from Adande upon request.

The purpose of the test was to compare the stability of storage temperatures and humidity of the two fridges, to evaluate the effect on the product quality of highly perishable seafood, including salmon, tuna, cod, haddock and prawns. Feedback on the quality of raw and cooked fish was provided by Nicholas Melmoth-Coombs, Executive Chef at Fish! Kitchens.

In 20°C ambient conditions, the storage temperature of both fridges was set at +1°C. For four hours a day, over the three day test period, drawers and doors were opened at regular intervals for a duration of between seven and twelve seconds to simulate a typical kitchen service. The fish species were placed in individual uncovered containers, without ice, and stored in the fridges. Each portion was weighed at the beginning and the end of the trials to monitor weight loss, resulting from dehydration.

Throughout the tests, the Adande unit maintained a stable air temperature of between -1°C and +2°C, which is the optimum temperature for the storage of fresh fish. By contrast, the temperature range of the under counter fridge varied between

-2°C and +4°C. Average relative humidity in the Adande was measured at 78%, compared to 82% in the conventional fridge.

At the end of the trials, chef Nicholas Melmoth-Coombs conducted a human sensory assessment, including sight smell and touch tests. The chef reported that the fish stored in the Adande had retained its appearance, whilst product in the conventional fridge had become dull and discoloured. He added that the prawns and haddock stored in the conventional fridge were “unattractive and inedible”.

In terms of the chef’s assessment of the cooked fish, salmon which had been stored in the Adande was said to have a “meaty, sweet flavour”, whist the cooked salmon from the conventional fridge was described as “clearly dehydrated, with a darker surface and a tangy taste”. Similarly, cooked cod from the Adande was described as “succulent”, whereas the sample which had been stored in the conventional fridge was said to be “tough and fibrous”.

The trials also established that the average weight loss, due to dehydration, of fish stored in the conventional fridge was 3.5 times higher than product held in the Adande. Taking into account the reduced yield from shrinkage and the wastage of inedible product, the monetary value of fish stored in the conventional fridge had been reduced by 33.6% at the end of the trial. By comparison, the reduction in monetary value of the fish stored in the Adande was just 1.5%.

Nicholas Melmoth-Coombs, stated:

“The difference in the quality of the fish at the end of the trial was really quite noticeable. I could see immediately that fish stored in the under counter fridge was more dehydrated than fish stored in the Adande. When we cooked the fish, we saw consistently better results from the product, which had been stored in the Adande.”

To request the Fish Report Books please address all enquiries to: 

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