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UK:  Green Point, the specialist compressor remanufacturing operation launched by Bitzer, is expanding its service to include other makes of compressor.

When launched last year, the company handled only Bitzer units. From September, however, it is extending its premium quality total remanufacturing operation to include compressors made by Bock, Carrier, Copeland, and Trane.

Will Pribyl, General Manager of Green Point in the UK, said: “The aim always was to begin by remanufacturing Bitzer compressors. Having successfully established the business, and with a growing customer base, we are now widening the offer to include machines from other manufacturers.”

He added: “Customers tell us they appreciate the outstanding quality of our Bitzer units, and are keen to have access to similar high quality remanufactured compressors from other manufacturers. It goes without saying that we will be adopting the same uncompromising approach to standards as with our own equipment.”

To support the growth, Green Point is expanding the UK engineering team with the appointment of France Bootun as Remanufacture Technician.

Bitzer UK launched Green Point in Spring 2014, becoming the only compressor manufacturer with a remanufacturing operation in the UK. Its objective was to bring a new dimension of engineering quality and attention to detail to every stage of the remanufacturing process.

Backed by Bitzer’s unrivalled technical know-how, it is able to upgrade compressors to as-new standard from any state or condition. The company always fits new motors and replaces all key wear components, while offering machines at a price point around 30 per cent below new.

“A key issue in the market is availability, as most orders arise from breakdown situations, “ says Will Pribyl. “Green Point has a huge advantage here, as we are part of the wider European and indeed global Green Point network. If we don’t have a particular model in stock, we have access to stock held across the network. This has proved invaluable already, enabling us to supply exactly the unit required at very short notice.”

The quality of remanufactured units is reflected not only in excellent reliability and extended working life. Green Point-remanufactured compressors are up to 10 per cent more efficient than some competing units, due to the thoroughness of the refurbishment process and use of state-of-the-art motor technology

For more details, please contact Will Pribyl at or call 08454 603007.


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UK:  Green Point UK was officially launched on April 24 2014 and established to remanufacture and repair compressors to the highest OEM standards.  This covers covering not only all BITZER products, but also all other major brands.

Based at BITZER UK's UK headquarters in Bletchley, near Milton Keynes.  Green Point UK is based in a purpose-built 2600 square metre facility and represents a highly significant investment by BITZER. This underlines the company's long term commitment to the buoyant and growing remanufacturing market.  Green Point UK is led by Managing Director Kevin Glass, General Manager Will Pribyl and a team with extensive experience and technical know-how. Green Point UK's website will provides customers with comprehensive real time information on remanufactured stock availability as well as comprehensive details of the services on offer.

Green Point UK and BITZER UK’s Managing Director Kevin Glass says:  “Remanufacturing services for compressors already exist in the UK and indeed there is an established market.  We, however, are offering something different in terms of the quality of product and the services that we can offer. Green Point UK’s operation follows the same pattern as other members of the Green Point global network and has been set up in response to our UK customer requests and feedback.  We pay particular attention to the types of compressors that are most in use and demand to ensure they are always readily available from Green Point UK.  We are also the only UK based operation that can completely remanufacture BITZER screw compressors.”

Green Point UK will enable customers to benefit from all the expertise and experience that the BITZER organisation offers - but in a remanufactured unit from small semi-hermetics to the largest screw compressors.  These products will sit comfortably alongside BITZER branded products in the new compressor market and together they will provide complete, competitively priced solutions.

The model for the whole Green Point network is based on close co-operation with the BITZER Group and it uses the processes that have made BITZER a world leader in new compressor technology.  This approach means the highest quality standards, consistent workmanship and close consideration of environmental issues.  By taking in scrap/used compressors from customers and remanufacturing them, Green Point is removing the problem of disposal from the end user.  Also central to the operation of Green Point UK is the commitment to recycle all scrap components as well as initiatives that include ensuring through vigorous testing procedures that all compressors have the highest operational efficiency.

Green Point UK provides customers with a like for like swap of an old compressor for a remanufactured unit with the quickest possible turnaround. The initial phase of the operation therefore has centred upon building up stock of popular compressors that are then completely remanufactured and put into stock ready to swap. Phase one is the popular BITZER second generation compressor range along with the predecessors of the Octagon range and the older BHS range along with the open drive versions. Screw compressors are also in this phase target.

The background experience of the Green Point team and knowledge of BITZER products ensures full awareness of the latest developments in BITZER technology. Therefore alternative remanufactured compressor solutions may be recommended to meet specific customer needs and based on factors such as environmental concerns and improved energy efficiency.

The remanufacture of compressors by Green Point UK is a thorough process.  It includes the replacement of an existing motor with a brand new one as well as completely new valve plates, bearings, piston rings, bearings and pressure relief valves.  The Green Point Quality kit contains all the critical safety, wear and tear parts.

The remanufacture of BITZER compressors uses only BITZER 100% original parts – from the smallest component to the most critical mechanical part.  This concept guarantees high performance, reliability and the achievement of product life expectancy. Green Point UK always holds a comprehensive stock of these genuine original parts to ensure fast customer service.  For other brands of compressor, wherever possible original manufacturer parts will also be used or alternatively quality approved pattern parts that meet OEM tolerances and specifications.

Quality control is built into the whole remanufacturing process, with batches tested for quality and detailed testing taking place at the end of the complete remanufacturing process.  Green Point UK is also looking to acquire ISO 9000 accreditation for its quality procedures.  New investments in tooling and facilities at the plant include cleaning/ washing equipment and comprehensive leak testing equipment. A specialist heated drying room is central to the whole process, ensuring that each compressor is delivered totally dehydrated.

The repair of BITZER compressors is also a major activity and the organisation's trained and skilled engineers will follow set procedures covering the testing and repair of BITZER compressors, including those within and outside their original warranty period.

Each compressor that arrives is documented and analysed to determine the possible root cause of failure.  It is then repaired and the replacement of parts is carried out only after careful evaluation and not randomly. Components still in good condition are checked, cleaned and repositioned whilst lubricant, washers and gaskets are always replaced to help ensure safe and reliable operation. They are fully tested before despatch and Green Point UK is equipped with a dedicated bench test facility to check the operational efficiency of the repaired compressor against those of an original new compressor.

For further information contact Green Point UK, Advantage One, Third Avenue, Denbigh West, Bletchley, MK1 1DR, tel:  +44 (0) 1908 642966, fax:  +44 (0) 1908 644330, email: or downloadable from